Thursday, June 9, 2011

More Ways to Give Your Weigh-In More Pizzazz

• Weigh yourself in Spanish.
• Do a back flip and land on scale (extra points if you nail the dismount).
• Weigh yourself on world’s tiniest scale.
• Better choreography.
• Weigh in on horseback (then if you have a gain, you can blame it on all the hay stupid horse ate)
• Have guy at carnival guess your weight.
• Body paint.
• Get local TV station be incorporate your weigh-in with announcement of Powerball winning numbers.
• Do it in the nude. At the airport.
• Hire bugler to play “Taps”.
• Convert your weight into heiroglyhics.
• Recreate the famous weigh-in scene from Gone With the Wind.
• Replace bathroom fixtures with strobe lights.
• If you show a gain, write a mad-as-hell letter to the editor!
• Videotape your weigh-ins and study them afterwards to see what exactly you did wrong.
• Try using your Jedi mind tricks on scale.
• Page 57 from the Kama Scaletra.
• Try losing a little weight.


  1. Like in the movie "The Jerk"
    Guess your weight?
    One of my fave scenes!

  2. Best idea for me--heiroglyhics. yep. :-)

  3. How about weighing on an english scale? Your weight in stones is a lot less than in pounds - if you just look at the number!

  4. I wonder if you weighed in nude at the airport if they would still ask you that question about luggage being in your possession at all times...

  5. Nude at the airport??? Ah, ha, ha, ha....HILARIOUS!
    Thanks Jack!!!



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