Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pros and Cons of Losing Weight

Pro: You feel better and wake up each day with more energy and vitality.
Con: You no longer get full value at all-you-can-eat buffet.

Pro: Can run several miles without stopping.
Con: Used to be able to fall to sleep more easily (basically, any time you sat down)

Pro: Don’t have to buy strangely branded clothes in plus-size stores.
Con: Lot of coupons for Hostess snack products just sitting there going to waste.

Pro: Blood pressure and cholesterol numbers reduced.
Con: Gravy no longer available at every meal.

Pro: Prevention of Type 2 diabetes.
Con: Require more water when you take a bath.

Pro: Probability that you’ll live longer.
Con: More stinky laundry from workout wear.

Pro: Less self-conscious at the beach.
Con: Constant compliments about how good you look might start to make you feel uncomfortable.

Pro: Better *boom chaka boom boom*
Con: Ass groove in sofa might no longer be quite as comfortable.

Pro: No longer disgusted when you see my reflection in mirror.
Con: Miss relationship you had with guy that owns Chinese restaurant on the corner.

Pro: Fun trying to get to the end of the treadmill.
Con: No more fun trying to get to the end of Olive Garden’s "Bottomless Breadstick Basket".

Pro: Fewer health problems.
Con: Have kick-ass health insurance program and no opportunity to use it.


  1. Lots more laundry!
    But much less fabric!

  2. Haha! This is a great post! I especially agree with the one about the buffet.

    Even though I eat right and healthy, I still do enjoy pigging out at buffets once in a while.

  3. I actually eat the veggies at a buffet now and oddly enough still prefer the buffet because I can control what goes on my plate!

  4. Great post. You come up with the best stuff - thanks for always sharing and entertaining.

  5. I think about the buffet one all the time. I never want to go to one anymore because I feel like it's a waste of money!

  6. This is awesome, had me laughing the whole way through!

  7. I will take the pros, thank you very much! :) Great post!

    Sarah @ Thinfluenced

  8. This made me feel so silly for being so afraid of "the great unknown". Thanks, I needed that!

  9. You are too funny :) I think the biggest con for ME is definitelyt he tons and tons of laundry! haha :)))

  10. what does it say I really did laugh out loud at the last one?

  11. PRO: Ability to Explore Different Positions and Last Longer (for yoga, duh. why, what did you think i meant?)

    CON: ((I got nuffin))

    Go team.

  12. I think my couch feels neglected. Furniture are people too ya know? Wait, what...

  13. Pro- no more hiding behind friends while taking pictures.

    Con- more friends expect me to be in the pictures.

  14. My father and I ate at Golden Corral this weekend and out of the 100 people I saw there 90 were overweight.



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