Friday, October 15, 2010

Ways to Make Your Blog More Interesting

  • Shower vlogging
  • Get into a bitch-slapping fight with a celebrity
  • Institute cash-for-comments program
  • Make every post title a sexual innuendo
  • Call Old Man Google and ask him about getting preferential treatment on his computer searching machine
  • Add a “-Kardashian” to your name
  • Be provocative to the point that you regularly receive death threats
  • More kitten pix
  • Make up inventious words
  • Put a lot of photos on your site, preferably of better looking people than you
  • Take bets on every weigh-in
  • Change up your meds for a week
  • Leave clues throughout your blog that lead your readers to a magical and wonderful treasure… or some coupons
  • Overcome all odds and succeed beyond your wildest imagination, then write about how you did it
  • Accent márks
  • Stop naming every post “What I Done Did Today”


  1. I love the idea of taking bets on every weigh in - maybe I'll try that ;)

  2. I'm tres impressed by the accent marks!! See? I can't do them! :)

  3. I think that I've got the innuendo thing down.

  4. Ooohh i'm totally gonna shower vlog. And I've got plenty of pics on my blog and there mostly of me cause its hard to find someone better looking ;)

  5. *they're, it's I'm one of those incredibly good looking but not so smart people, i.e. zoolander-esque.

  6. fine...what else am i supposed to label my blogs..What I SHOULD have done did today!
    you people with your "creativity" and "interesting" posts.

  7. Gotta try the shower vlogging thing...but do you think awful singing will cancel out the benefits?

  8. Hah, I added more kitten pix to my blog!

  9. So funny! Those food pics always get people to the post too! ;-)

  10. I like the shower vlogging idea. Although I think at this point one of tow things will happen. It will drive people even further away resulting in a negative amount of comments, or it will turn my blog into a fetish site.

  11. Kitten pics? Seriously? Who Knew!

  12. I'm laughing so hard, coffee almost came out of my nose. If I photographed that, I should have posted it.
    Seriously, you blog is FANTASTIC!! So fun!!!



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