Thursday, October 7, 2010

Every W.I.D.T.H. Way

I've found that there are really only a few ways to lose weight, but apparently there are a million reasons for why we want to, strive to, have to. I ask the folks that stop by this space from time to time to share their reasons for dropping the weight and/or moving towards a more healthy lifestyle. The answers never cease to amaze me.
People constantly ask me what the rules for submitting one of these is or if the deadline has passed. Don't you know me yet? There are no rules! There is no deadline! Communicate your message any damn way and email it to me at
Note: I didn't get a name or a blog link on this one, but it was one of the more moving W.I.D.T.H. contributions I've received, so I thought I'd share the email with you...

Hello Jack, sorry for my bad English,but I write from Italy.
There are no interesting blogs about large weight losses in Italian (my language)...maybe because in Italy obesity is considered a secondary problem although it is becoming increasingly common and maybe because we are always arrears of 20 yers versus U.S.A about technology  and blogging for us is still a novelty;also it's not common to see people of 300-400 pounds...

My weight now is 134 kg (296 pounds) and i have a lot of weight to lose, so i have to read blog in english to encourage my self and i found your blog.

I send you a WIDTH pictures hoping that the english line is grammatically correct and i've write the same line in Italian.. maybe other italians read the blog.

ok,that's all...thanks for your humor.

get fitter and healthier!!!!
enjoy the road of life

 Rebekah G.


  1. As genuine as they ALL are, I have to say our Italian friend touched my heart, too, and I almost cried. I could FEEL her need and how she was reaching out.

    If you ever find out her blog, please let us know, so we can send her lots of bloggy love and encouragement!!


  2. Wow Jack, to think you are reaching people all across the world I bet that feels amazing *big smile*. Rebekah's hit home for me, I never want that to be Marie with our picture.

  3. Cool to know how far you are reaching Jack! Thanks for sharing all of these.

  4. This may be my favorite group, ever.

    Lei e bella.

  5. I wanted to say the same about the first. Nearly made me cry as well. If you ever find a blog or an email, I'd love to offer her some support. :)

  6. Love these postings!
    And I also love the Italian friend too and in case she reads this...

    Ciao! Come stai?

  7. They are ALL fantastic, but that Italian babe? Man, I want to hug HER! And what a lovely kudo for you, that you have international readers? I've said it before, I'll say it again, you're the Sh*t, Jack!

  8. I'm trying to learn Italian as I have an Italian nanny and she's teaching me. I'd love to have an Italian pen pal. Can you hook us up?

  9. Amazing! I am always touched to read about other people's journeys and reasons for getting fit and healthy.

    Good luck to all those who are working on being their best.

  10. I believe there is a second international post on there. English speaking but international. WIDTH surfing helped get me jump started again, and I love to see more. I get giddy whenever a new one pops up.

    Per la donna italiana. Mantenere la buona battaglia. La ricerca di qualcosa di meglio inizia con un semplice passo. Buona fortuna alla vostra servizi.

    I love translators!

  11. Hi everyone...I'm the italian girl.
    My name is Virginia.
    I don't have a blog...yet! I'm a like a paleolithic about computer and Technology ...I reflect the italian people of course.

    If you like to write to me an email,my address is: virgiguardalontano @ (without the spaces )
    Thanks to all of you.
    Big hugs



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