Thursday, October 14, 2010


Hi there Jack,

Oh, it was sad to read your blog today. Are you doing OK? You wrote that you are where you were at 12 months ago, but I really feel like this is not giving yourself enough credit. You have made leaps and bounds in personal development, and in the DirectLife program you increased your daily activity from 1428 to 1554 per day - it all adds up to help you live a healthier life.

What last week was, perhaps, just a lapse. If your intent did not change but just for a bit, you fell back to old patterns... that is a lapse.

If this is the case, please do not beat yourself up over it. Instead, look back at what caused it, how you could do it differently next time. Learn from it, and emerge more committed, capable and in charge of your life to make conscious choices to help you towards your goal. YOU can do it. I'm certain of it. And the more that you recognize that lapses like this are normal and part of the process you can begin to see them as a positive way for you to learn more about yourself to give you more tools and tricks for the future. I am happy to help you with this if you'd like.

If you feel like there was a mindset change in your past week, that is something different and we can also look at that together. Did your motivation to reach your goal change?

Let me know and I really look forward to your response,


Hi, DirectLife Coach Jen,

Have you ever caught lightning in a bottle?

It's so cool: one moment, you're standing there with a bottle and the next thing you know... ZAP... there's a bolt of lightning in there. You cap it up and it's just the damndest thing you ever saw. You can't get enough of looking at it, flashing like mad inside there. You can't believe you actually caught it. Some folks never do, after all. It's the most amazing thing...

Then something kind of peculiar happens. You see it there on your shelf, day after day, week after week, month after month, and you start taking it for granted. You forget what a rare and magic thing it was to have captured it in the first place, and then one day, you notice the cap is loose and you think to yourself "I better fix that" but you never get around to doing it...

And then one day the lightning is gone and you curse yourself a fool for being so careless with something so precious.

And you take your bottle out in the yard and you wait... and you wait... and you wait...

It's true that it's been a dry spell around here, DirectLife Coach Jen. We haven't seen rain for quite some time, but I can see the storm clouds gathering on the horizon.

I have a bottle, and I have the strength of will to stand up in a thunderstorm and accomplish the seemingly impossible.

Am I doing okay?

I'll let you know when I come in out of the rain...




  1. First blog post I read this morning and it was FANTASTIC.

  2. Gotta agree with everyone. Superb blog post.

  3. Jack,
    I'm not trying to go all Direct Life Coach Jen on your ass or anything and I LOVES me some hilarity, but I just want to tell you that I am DIGGING this side of you. Do I want you to feel like you are standing out in a storm waiting for your lightening to return? NO! But it's nice to see the Jack underneath all the Sh*t. That's all I'm saying. Thanks for sharing.

    Oh, and don't forget your tinfoil hat.

  4. do you get tired of reading that you are awesome Jack, because I will never get tired of writing it.

  5. man, that is some powerful stuff

  6. That might be one of the most random metaphors I've ever heard; but I shouldn't be surprised coming from you :)

    The laughing cow cheese mixed in scrambled eggs is super yummy and easy...I actually make them in the microwave at work. I crack and stir up two eggs in a tupperware container at home and transport them with the laughing cow wedge to work which I break up and add in just before microwaving. 90 seconds (and a few stirring breaks) later...voila! I highly reccomend!

  7. Great post Jack- I know you will get that lightening back in that jar soon, I believe in you! :)

  8. My first reaction: "WOW"...what a fantastic description of exactly what this type of journey is like. This will be with me all day. I plan to give this a shout out in my blog today or tomorrow. again ....WOW

  9. Well said Jack. I'll be the one standing in the puddle with a golf club in the air.

  10. You have quite a way with words, Jack. This one was quite beautiful.

  11. Great post Jack, what jumps out at me is you are at 1554 calories burned A DAY. That is some lightening if I ever saw some.

  12. maybe you can start by catching a lightening BUG in a jar. Maybe 2 lightening bugs!! I know when Im feeling overwhelmed about getting stuff sparked up again tiny little steps help and you know it too. I have a feeling next week will be lots better. HUGS!!!

  13. Love the analogy. My blog is named "Praying for LightEning" (a play on the spelling) because I lost over 140 and have gained it all back. Now I feel like I am out in the rain like you. Waiting for the lightning to strike and the lightening to begin again.

    And... I think this may be my first comment to you even though I've read you for a while. So "Hi Jack. Nice to meet you." Love your blog.

  14. Thank you. Just what I needed to read today.

  15. Sometimes when you are in the dry spell, you just have to keep chugging and holding on. I have been there and got my mojo back recently.
    Love this post because I know you will get moving soon.

  16. You are my idol! You are hysterical and I love your honesty. I hope lightning strikes you soon, so stay grounded!

  17. I generally hate analogies, but this one is spot on where I feel like I'm headed! Thanks for the food for thought, time to get off my chair and tighten the lid!

  18. Wow! That's . . . dare I say insanely profound! Thank you!



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