Friday, October 8, 2010

I'm Sorry, Tom Petty

She's a big girl, loves her pasta.
Loves cheese whiz and ham sammiches too.

She's a plump girl, crazy ‘bout eatin’.
Loves horseradish on her sammiches too.

She’s a long way from fittin’ in her best jeans.

There's no way she’ll be wearin’ them soon.

Feels like a bad girl, ‘cause she’s not even tryin’.
She’s a bad girl, blown up like a balloon.

Can’t break free, she’s been stallin’.
Yeah, can’t break free, feels like bawlin’.

Then she wised up, started livin’ more healthy.
Has turned fitness into an art.
Changed her bad ways, she’s eating like she ought to,
And exercising with all of her heart.

She’s gutsy, she’s even bloggin’.
Yeah, breakin’ free, see her joggin’.

Watch her stride down over the side streets,
And now fried food’s not part of her plan.
She’s gonna do well; keep pushin’ forward.
As strong today as the day she began.

Can you see? The scale’s fallin'
Yeah you see, Life’s callin’.
Yeah she’s free, not free fallin’.


  1. Not intended I'm sure, but you are TOTALLY singing my song today!

    This big girl sees the scale fallin' life callin' and yes she's free!

  2. This isn't the first time that a man was inspired to write a song about me :)

  3. Wow, I'm with the other ladies...this feels like it was for me today. :) Thanks Jack!

  4. Good stuff, Jack. But the "Free Ballin'" parody of that song is still better.

  5. oh, how thoughtful...a song about me :p

    Love usual

  6. Oh nice. You had me at "loves her pasta".

  7. Oh God, All I can think about right now is eating a roast beef sammy with horseradish mayo...which is like eating my egg white omelete with steamed spinach and going to the gym for spin, but different. Arghhhh!

  8. Hmmmm..... horseradish. gee, thanks Jack! Now I'm thinking about steak. Vee at

  9. This is even better than Fat-Bottomed Girls!

  10. Ha ha, well done sir. Hail to the king, baby!

  11. Thanks for the laugh! excellent

  12. Being a Petty Fan, and working on 'scaling down', I do know what I will be singing today!



  13. This should be the Fat Girl Anthem right here.



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