Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fallure is Not An Option (And Not a Word)

Weekly weigh-in: 214.4

Loss: -2.6
Total loss: -77.6
Emotion: Back on track

Last week, I lost my footing.

I stumbled on a business trip out of town, tried to shake it off and then before I got back in step, stumbled some more.

I lost my footing, and then realized that I’d lost my way for more than just the week.

Don’t worry… I’m not planning on getting all weepy and melodramatic here today. I’m well aware that I’ve accomplished some awesome feats over the past 18 months. I’ve lost a good bit of weight. I’ve instilled some fantastic eating and exercise habits. I’ve created a blog that’s turned out to be… well… ummmm… I’ve created a blog.

This week, I got my juice back a little. Ate a little less, moved a little more. Slowed everything down and really thought about what I was doing.

There’s one thing about losing your footing…

It makes you focus on the road right in front of you for a while.

Here’s hoping your week is filled with sensible choices, wild flurries of activity and a laser-like focus on getting the job done.

And here’s hoping mine is, too. 



  1. I spent all day yesterday searching the house for my lost mojo...after keeping it handy for so long, it's really scary when it disappears!! As always, your time your posts with perfection. Muchass Grassyass! :)

  2. Happy you're back on track, Jack!

  3. I'm hoping I can make a similar post on Tuesday. I swear I'm the only person to ever go on Weight Watchers and not yet hit 5% a week 23.

  4. Glad you found your footing again Jack.

  5. *thumbs up*

    I lost my footing this week for sure. I guess considering I didn't gain much (less than a pound) and not eating right or exercising but one day this week, I did pretty good. I'm back on it today though. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Good job!!!! Glad to hear you're doing better and feeling better, focusing on the road directly ahead (anything else gets overwhelming and slightly depressing lol). Have a marvelous Sunday and a great week!!

  7. Great post, Jack. I wish that losing your footing on the weight loss journey resulted in the same momentary sense of panic that happens when it happens in sports. Unfortunately, it usually feels momentarily fabulous, lol.

  8. Well done Jack, so great to see you back on track - long may it last :)

  9. Grats, Jack! Glad you feel back on track!!! =)


  10. Nice loss!

    I wonder though, how much can/do we change our minds... truly... when we change our bodies? I think it takes time to go from the thinking that IS when we are indulgent and not losing weight, to the thinking that is "maintenence." I know I struggle.

    Here's to a great week for us both :)

  11. I think you just stole my WI # for the week! THIEF!

    :) hehe Good job my friend!

  12. Congrats Jack.. your week will be good & mine will be too! You WILL get the job done!

  13. Good to hear your back on the right road.

    You can do it. We all can! :)


  14. Nicely done! Sometimes it takes those stumbles to make us remember why we're doing this.

  15. Well said Jack. Sometimes when we know we've lost our footing, its hard to find the balance again. I'm stuck in this position right now myself. I cant seem to stand up straight for too long lately. Ugh. But like you said...all we can keep doing is trying, trying, trying.

  16. Love this. And you look so cute in ice skates.

  17. Thanks for this post, Jack. I've been in a bit of a rut myself the past few weeks. I gained back a few pounds, and now I think I've finally reset back to healthier eating habits. It's good to know I'm not alone in these struggles.

  18. great job jack.
    it's going to always be this happens.
    That is why I will be bloggin in perpetuity.
    It's never 'over'.
    Keep up the good work.

  19. Yup, I am ready to get to it tomorrow. I got sh*t to do.

  20. Great post. I'm floudering after loosing my footing (tried adding one carb meal a day to my plan but boy did that bomb!) so I hope / intend to get back my own footing this week. Vee at

  21. I couldn't find my feet all weekend! New week, new slate. Onward Jack. Onward we go.

  22. Nice weigh in. Sending good happy vibes to keep it going!



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