Tuesday, October 5, 2010

On the Ledge

So there I was on the ledge, thinking about ending it all.

Really, I’d had all I could take. My life was miserable, out of control, going nowhere. It was time to put an end to it once and for all.

I inched forward…

I’d been here before, but I’d always backed away at the last moment.

Always been too afraid to commit.

I wish I could tell you what made this time any different, but…

This time was different.

This time, I guess I’d had all I could take.

I suppose there’s a point where you’ll actually do anything to try and put a stop to what’s causing you so much pain and misery.

So I took a deep breath…

And I jumped.

I leapt into a new life filled with healthy food choices and sweat-wringing workouts.

I threw myself into a program that demanded more of me than I thought I could give, and when I reached each milestone along the way, it demanded even more…

I plunged myself into the blogging world, and found an unexpected fount of energy and encouragement, of soul-stirring spirit and support.

It all started on a ledge.

One life ended.

Another began.


  1. Oh SO TRUE! My ledge has several names and several levels...Emotions is one, which landed me on the food ledge, and that took me to the exercise ledge......Now, its time to soar!

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  3. When I started to read this I was getting a little worried about the topic (you're writing does strike me as a little on the edge)... but when finished, I thought it was bang on. I too have been on the ledge so many times I made an imprint on it, but now I am looking up at the ledge cause I jumped too

  4. Geez, things are a little different in TN. A Ledge?

    I just joined WW and started to write.

  5. Perfect way to put it, Jsck.

  6. Jumping reminds me a little more of giving up...and in that case I've jumped a million times. But its the leap of faith that matters -- suspending disbelief and finally believing you can do it. That is the beginning of a new life for sure.

    Thanks Jack.

  7. once again Jack, great post! You're one smart cookie ;-).

  8. I loved this post....really I did :) Thanks for all you do for us Jack! :)

  9. Jared: I've been to TN. There are no ledges there. Jack is being delusional again. Or he traveled out west to find his ledge.

  10. OMG this post is me. Next Wed 10/13 I am jumping. I will start a physician supervised weight loss program. You know where you drink 5 protein drinks and supplement with replacement meals. I hear people say, oh a liquid diet. Those never work, you always gain it back. Well, thanks for the support people. But I am doing it and I will take it serious, I will stay for the full 3 hour class each week to learn not to gain it back. I am 5'5 and 300lbs. WTF happened to me. But Jack, I have been reading your website. And with your humor and inspiration from you and other bloggers.I will succeed.(God, I have never written down my weight before) Its hard to read it. Maybe I should erase it. ....No that was the old me...I will leave for all to see. Gracie.

  11. I talk more about clawing my way out of a hole, but you're right. The leap of faith is what it takes.

  12. Things are deep around here this week. You must really be in the Sh*t, Jack.

    Check out what you did for Gracie....she wrote down her weight for the first time. Good, good stuff here Jack.

    Keep on jumpin', we'll be your net!

  13. This was great. Just hope no one skims and thinks of a real ledge :-P

  14. YES! Just take the chance & grab the rope & help yourself!

  15. As a wise blogger recently said...Look before you leap - but then leap!

  16. Witty and entertaining, yes. But touching, too.

    It really IS kind of like a death to the old way, and coming alive to the new healthy way of living. I really enjoyed this, thank you.




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