Thursday, September 23, 2010

"Pisa Sh*t is Mad" Giveaway Winner!

The other day, I ran a little giveaway in support of C.O.A.K. the Coalition of Angry Kids. COAK helps parents… well, really all adults…do their part to be healthy role models for the younger generation.

My 11-year-old daughter Pisa and I asked folks to take the COAK pledge. COAK is making a big push by offering a 
30-day Anytime Fitness membership, a free 30-minute personal training session and a no-cost 30-day premium pass to There’s no contract and no strings attached.

What's more, the best comment of the day (as judged by Pisa) would win a GRUVE activity and calorie-tracker device (value $180) AND a one-year premium pass to (value $50).

We got a load of admirable entries, but Pisa is her father's child and was particularly taken with this comment:

Lucas said...
Oh my goodness, I want that GRUVE and I'm SO NERVOUS to be addressing the all important PISA (which by the way I hope your Dad has taught you is a beautifully historic building in Italy and NOT in fact, a precursor to a swear word!) Ok, let's see what I can do to win this $h.t, er, stuff. Childhood obesity is mad wack! What’s with these parents? Can’t stay on track! Don’t they know what they eat matters? They should put down those crispy chicken platters No one wants to be overweight Shopping for huge pants to hold your freight So listen up parents, it’s up to ya’ll The importance of your job is not small Shop smart, eat smart, cook smart too For your little ones will follow you Get outside and jump around Your healthy lifestyle will abound Lead the way with smart choices Sing vegetables praises with loud voices Drink lots of water, soda is for saps Then set off running around in laps Set the example for your rug rats Before they end up surrounded by fats Teach them young so when they grow They will already be up in the know You’ll look better, feel better, live longer too And all that fiber leads to healthy poo (this will become more important as you get older, PISA) But perhaps the biggest gift of all Is watching your kids grow strong and tall So listen to PISA and her dad Jack Cuz childhood obesity is mad wack

Thanks to everyone who participated and to the fine folks at the Coalition of Angry Kids for helping make it happen.

And thank you, Pisa, for being you!


  1. Oh man! I had no chance with that one! Pisa picked the right winner!

  2. Congrats Lucas. Great choice Pisa. Let's hear it for healthy kids! Vee at

  3. Pisa picked a winner, fo shore!

    Roxie>>>>hanging her head in absolute shame because until this very second while reading Lucas' entry, she didn't "get" the daughter's name. I thought Mr. and Mrs. Sh!t had, perhaps, conceived of said offspring while on a wonderful trip to Italy.

  4. That rhymer has mad skills!!! Great pick ... would have been ours too.

  5. OMG I just peed a little in my pants! :D Thanks Pisa and Thanks Jack! I will for SURE be blogging all about how Lucas got her GRUVE back! Yaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!

  6. True jack sh*t style winner. love it. well done!

  7. I entered my comment, then read through the others, and I just new that one would win. Congrats, Lucas!

  8. alright! nice winner! :) WTG Jack & Pisa for making the winner pee themselves! lol :)

  9. Congrats Lucas!!! & an awesome blog too i think u must try this website to increase traffic. have a nice day !!!

  10. HAHAHA...OMG! I totally get it now!

    Jack Sh*t and Pisa Sh*t. Tell me that was intentional and you will be my hero.

  11. *cough* After reading your other childrens' names, I'm thinking Pisa's name was not a clever pun, but in fact her name. I am so sorry!



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