Thursday, September 23, 2010

I’m Sorry, Boss

I was big and full-figured,
Didn’t know why I was so fat.

I was unrecognizable to myself.

Saw my reflection in a mirror
I didn't know my own body.

Oh brother, can’t believe I’m

Feelin’ so shoddy.

Need some weeks of eatin’ healthier.

I walked the treadmill till my legs felt like jelly.
I been doin’ situps til there’s a crease in my belly.

At night I can hear the rumble in my stomach.
Am I doing great? You betcha buttock,

After weeks of eatin’ healthier.

Ain't no angel food cake gonna tempt me.
It's just organic food, my friend.

And my clothes don't fit me no more,

I’ve run a thousand miles

To lose this double chin.

It’s a brand new day, I'm finally awake.

Getting’ closer and closer to my goal weight. 

So believe me, sister: this is how it’s gonna be
I hope you’re gonna make this trip with me,

More weeks of eatin’ healthier.


  1. awesome awesome awesome.... i sung along and now its in my head lol

  2. Love it! (I was singing it too). LOL

  3. I'm suprised that we can't hear this wafting through the autumn air....I sang along, too!

    Sort of like that old coca cola commercial...

  4. Thanks for the tribute to our great city..I know The Boss would approve! I had a moment at the beginning when I was afraid you were going to show either all the exquisite local cuisine or the out of control sports fans...Nope, it was just Philly phantastic and that's no sh*t..

  5. It's been a while since we had a song from you. :) Thanks!

  6. I love it! Jack, you are awesome! Inspiration to the max.

  7. I read your blog but the new black background is hard on the eyes with the font at such a small size. Please consider bigger font and clearer type (Tahoma?)

  8. LOL I love your sense of humor. Keep up the good work...and I am now ready to "take the trip with you"

  9. "Finally alive" is just the best description of wieght loss. Great post.



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