Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Jack Sh*t Interview with Biggest Loser Shay


I was mindlessly twittering away the other night, when I saw this tweet flash up on the screen:

shayBL: I wonder if I can get to 10,000 followers by Tues

I remembered Shay as the biggest Biggest Loser gal on Season 8 of that show where everybody tries to lose a bunch of weight. I remember liking her, so I decide to lend her a hand in her efforts to build her Twitter audience.

JackSht: I once got 100 followers by eating 15 lightning bugs. Maybe if you ate 200... RT @shayBL: I wonder if I can get to 10,000 followers by Tues

But then I thought about it some more, and frankly… I got a little ticked off, so I let her know about it…

JackSht: @shayBL It’s kinda classless to beg for Twitter followers. Plus, it’s kind of my shtick...

Then something really strange happened. I regularly shoot off quirky twitter messages to famous folks, and generally @hungrygirl is the only one who’ll ever take the bait (and then, only rarely). But Shay jumped right into the fray and started mixing it up…

@JackSht I'll keep the advice and try not to step on your toes

@shayBL Looks like it wouldn't hurt as much now as it once would. ;)

shayBL: @JackSht definitely not. You’re perceptive… thanks for noticing. LOL

JackSht: @shayBL I'm known for my perceptivity. BTW, has anybody told you look kinda like that fat chick from Biggest Loser?

shayBL: @JackSht so weird you say that? no they say I look like the smoking hot chick from the BL finale! Have they told you that you resemble an..

Well, it went on from there, enough that I now consider Shay to be one of my BFFs, and so I asked her to take part in a little interview for Jack Sh*t, Gettin’ Fit.

Jack: What’s your favorite kind of pie? 

Shay: Prior to BL? Peach cobbler. Okay, so it’s really not a pie, but my family is southern. Second best would be sweet potato back when I thought I had to have things like that to make me feel good. Now I love Larabars "apple pie" if  I MUST. 

Jack: What’s your second favorite kind of pie?

Shay: I guess this is why you should read ahead in interviews so you don't waste a perfectly good answer in the first one.

Jack: If you owned a bakery, what do you think would be your three best-selling kinds of pie?

Shay: Mud pies (real mud). Always loved making those as a kid. Wait, is this really what you want to ask me?

Jack: Since you’re a step-mom, what’s your take on childhood obesity?

Shay: It’s a HUGE problem (okay no pun intended).  Being a step mom of two stick-thin kids, I still realize the importance of healthy choices and of teaching healthy habits. We do all of the healthy stuff as a family. When we are out with friends or fam, you hear the kids “educating” others on healthy choices. It’s pretty darn cute.

Jack: Who would win a knife fight between Bob and Jillian?

Shay: Definitely Bob... it’s always the ones that smile you got to watch out for. Jillian is a yeller; you always know the biggest bark is not the biggest bite!

Jack: You have a dime and a dollar, you buy a dog and a collar, the dog is a dollar more than the collar, how much is the collar?

Shay: Whatever is left over. Sorry, I always sucked at math. It’s a learning disability and apparently it also applied to the number of pies one should eat.

Jack: What did you have for breakfast this morning?
Shay: I had 1 cup steel cut oats and ¼ cup blueberries with tablespoons almond milk.

Jack: What is your position on skinny-dipping?

Shay: Clothed and on the beach. Although these days loose skin could double as clothing.

Jack: There was an airplane crash, and every single person on board died, but two people survived. How is this possible?

Shay: Umm, that’s kind of a morbid riddle. Pass.

Jack: If there were one question you wanted me to ask during this interview, what would it be? And as follow-up, what’s the answer to that question?
Shay: What’s with the morbid riddle? You're morbid? Obviously not morbidly obese though or you wouldn’t have to ask about pie…

Jack: What was your favorite cartoon as a kid?

Shay: Smurfs. Nothing like little blue people with only one chick in the village being chased and tormented by a creepy wizard.
Jack: What’s the one food that you can’t trust yourself around?

Shay: It was ice cream, but now I can’t even look in the direction. Some days it’s almond butter, but more often than not its POPCHIPS and seriously... that’s no ad… they don’t pay me… but dang, those little bags of fun make you want to shrink your head so you can stick it in the bag and get every crumb.

Jack: Can you boil down your best fitness advice in five words (and five words only!)?

Shay: Eat less move more NOW

Jack: While you were at the Biggest Loser Ranch, did you ever watch Biggest Loser? If so, was it really weird?

Shay: No, we didn't have any TV or anything else fattening. It was weird to watch it at home because I was already half a person less.

Jack: What Biggest Loser contestant do you think would be most likely to get jiggy with me?
Shay: Hmm… that Christopher Blackburn looks like a jiggy guy!

Jack: What’s the most satisfying part of losing the weight you’ve lost?

Shay: Besides not finding it… really it would be that I am not scared of living anymore. I live my life to the fullest every day, and I am healthy and happy and no pie is worth losing that.

Jack: You may not want to answer this, but what’s your deepest, darkest secret?

Shay: I already told it all on national TV!!!!



Thanks to Biggest Loser Shay for being a good sport and a fantastic Twitter pal (even if she won't follow you back). You rock, Shay!

 Answers to trick questions: The collar was a nickel and the two survivors were married.


  1. Thanks Jack and Shay! Shay is my FAV BL contestant of all the seasons! I had to watch the finale last year, just to see how she did. Sad to admit, but I do quietly stalk! Have tried a few tweets but lame...they show I stalk...

    LOVE your interview questions....

  2. That was fun, glad she chimed in.

  3. What a great treat, this was a wonderful post Jack, kept me laughing and was fun to read! If I knew how to use twitter, not only would I be afraid, VERY afraid, but I would follow you back Jack ;-)

  4. Love the interview with Shay. She finished a 5K with me a few months back and is an absolute doll in person. Love her.

  5. I could totally see the Bob winning in a knife fight. Dude's got those scary eyes that say "I'll smile at your right before I pull your spine out."

    Nice work Jack and Shay!

  6. I watched that final last night, shows u how behind UK tv is with this show...loved the guy who won, did he not look fantastic.
    Left wondering if Shay managed that Subway challenge they laid out for her ~ do u know??

  7. Whoa, Jack! You're moving up in the world!

    Never watch BL - yes the results are remarkable, but not realistic for us regular folk. (Yeah, like I could leave my husband, kids and job for months on end just to get on television, stroke my ego and have some skinny chick scream at me!)

  8. Shay is awesome! You really asked all the tough questions Jack!

  9. I am so impressed by Shay! She is awesome, and doing an incredible job. So, by the way, are you!

  10. Wow, cool beans Jack and welcome Shay to Jack's crazy world *smile*. Great interview. You guys make me want to twitter.

  11. @ Marcelle

    I watched it too, (UK) ... and loved the subway challenge for Shay! Would love to know how it all panned out and I'm wondering... do we really have to wait an entire year for the next seasons finale?! Gah!

  12. Funny, as usual. Glad you got in a couple of serious questions/answers tho because I'm always interested in how someone successfully gets healthy. Wondering ... has she kept it off? Still working out? Vee at

  13. This is so very cool. Shay is one of my most favorite Biggest Loser people ever. Her personality and dedication are amazing. So inspiring!

  14. That was fun. And I'm glad she could keep up with your wacky train-of-thought!

  15. Very cool! And wow, she really DOES look hot!

  16. Very cute post - and I think it's awesome that she played along.

    I heart her.

    And you.

    But not pie. :)

  17. You always make my day!! Shay is gorgeous.

  18. Cool interview Jack! Shay is by far one of my faves!

  19. Great interview Jack.. can always depend on you for a break in the day during work.. and always a good laugh ...

  20. Jack, honestly, I want to know if you are a write for your job? You are too friggin funny & I would watch any show that you put on TV!

    BTW, Shay lives close to me but being it is a mass of people here , I have never seen her! ;-)

  21. It is my dream to one day be interviewed by you Jack!

    And what is this Twitter you speak of???????

  22. That was a nice little break from my hurry up and do another one!

  23. That was fun. I liked Shay on BL. She has a great sense of humor.

    Don't count out Jillian. You'll think she's down and she'll pull her spare knife out of her back pocket and stab you a second time.

  24. Well, she's got enough snark to take you on. I like her.

  25. @shayBL I'm known for my perceptivity. BTW, has anybody told you look kinda like that fat chick from Biggest Loser?

    That might be the funniest tweet I have read.

  26. This was fantastic... im glad i started to follow you :D

  27. I love shay.
    and you.
    and your blog.
    and caint believe youre in town!!
    I assume youre busy all day?
    and leave sat am?
    let me know if youre not...

  28. She's a funny girl and you are a hilarious interviewer - I was snorting with laughter.

    Btw. we've only just had season 8 here, and at the end, Subway promised Shay $1000 for every lb she lost - how did she do on that?!



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