Sunday, September 12, 2010

Might As Well Jump

Weekly weigh-in: 211.1
Loss: +1.1
Total loss: -80.9
Emotion: Not as down as you'd think

Some weeks, it’s clear skies for as far as the eye can see.

You wake up with energy and excitement and greet the day with pride and purpose.

You feel like you’re packing a powerful punch, and know deep inside that you’ve got the ability to push yourself to do great things.

It’s all good feelings and good choices.

You don’t mind keeping the pressure on or working your ass off.

You feel like you’re on track.

And then there’s weeks like this past one…

HURDLE: My regular Monday night basketball game got cancelled because of Labor Day.

HURDLE: I got to the gym on Tuesday and realized that I’d packed two shirts and no shorts.

HURDLE: I went to the fair (with it's deep-fried Twinkies and everything-on-a-stick)... twice. The first time was to watch my daughter Pisa exhibit her prize-winning chickens, and the second time was a seven-and-a-half hour outing with her and a pal.

HURDLE: My gym… a Jewish Community Center… was closed Thursday and Friday for Rosh Hashanah.

HURDLE: Had a couple of business lunches during the week.

HURDLE: Went out Saturday night to a fantastic Vietnamese restaurant Anita discovered.

HURDLE: Wound up at a party Saturday night where I had to drink some wine to be polite (and I’m very polite).

Any one of those hurdles could have been enough to throw my week out of whack, but all of them combined?

A little more than I could handle, it would seem...

It’s a little discouraging to trip up, until I stopped to consider that this track I’m on–this endless circle that I’m running–it’s always going to be littered with obstacles. I’m going to be be facing hurdles every step of the way.

So I’m gonna lace ‘em up a little tighter, run a little harder and get ready to leap over everything in my way.

After all, jumping hurdles is good exercise.


  1. I needed to read this today. Thank you Jack! Have a great Sunday :)

  2. and isn't it just life Jack?.. sometimes it throws us for a loop over and over again, but as you said.. look at it as good exercise :) getting up over and over and over again LOL :)


  3. Great post, loved it & thanks...reading it makes me feel better =)

  4. I had one of those weeks as well. I think two to three hurdles is about all I can handle...any more and I just can't seem to lift my knees high enough to get over, lol.

  5. There is always a reason why we make the wrong choices, you just have to decide how many you can live with.
    Here's to a new week, with good decisions. Screw the hurdles. Walk around them, or blow them down with a Sh*t grenade!


  6. I'm sorry you had a fail this week but life does throw us a wrench and thank you for sharing with us. Its nice to know that everybody runs into bumps in the road.

  7. Yeah, Jack, it was a rough week for me also. There were BBQ everywhere I turned, chocolate covered bacon (screaming good!), hubby's birthday with steak on the menu and vats of beer to wash it down with. Sometimes its gonna happen. We just have to deal with it and keep on moving forward.

  8. Some weeks are just harder than others! Hope you have a great one this week.

  9. Holy hurdles! My weight would have been up about 8 pounds. I am shocked you did not fashion yourself an outfit from two shirts.

  10. LOTS of hurdles this week for you! It's been a rough month for me, too, so it's heartening to see I am not the only one.

    This is what I have been telling myself this month too...that it's GOT to be more about the fact that I DO IT, that I eat right, that I exercise that I document my food, that I weigh in...that is what will get and keep me healthy, and eventually the weight will come off as a result of my decision and perseverance.

    Hope you have a great week!


  11. Oh Man those little things are the hardest to get over. Yesterday I was going to work out but my book on tape died. I just couldn't get into my workout after that and left about 5mins later. I always seem to forget socks in my gym bag.

  12. Jack you and I had the same kind of week! Oy. I ate to many things I shouldn't have and I know it will bite my ass when I WI tomorrow night. :( Oh well! No guilt and move on!!!

  13. Progress sometimes involves one step forward and 2 steps back - just keep remembering the one step forward and it will all work ot in the end. NO RETEAT - NO SURRENDER!

    Love your blog!

  14. Head down...Blinders on baby....BTW you and I have lost the same amount of weight to date...
    Keep going forward... no matter how loud the chocolate covered almonds from Costco call you... ohhh wait... they have been calling my name, not yours... head down... blinders on.... head down blinders one....

  15. As usual making sense and full of wise words. Sometimes you just have to put life into perspective. Sh*t happens.

  16. There was a guy in my ww meeting last week that has lost 248 freaking pounds. One thing he said has kept me more on track than all other ww wisdom combined, "You'll always get the weight you deserve, just not necessarily on the week you want it." Sounds you knew this was coming. Good for you for keeping it real. You rock bunches.

  17. Another great post, Jack. Thank you for the inspiration. :)

  18. Considering all the hurdles (especially the deep fried fair food)that's a pretty small gain. You kept it together That counts as a successful week. Next week will have less hurdles. ;)

  19. You're right. Life is full of hurdles. If it was a straight and easy path, we'd all be healthy and thin and rich and happy and GEEZ LIFE would be BORING! Vee at

  20. Life does have its hurdles. You could have made some better choices BUT you made the choices that you wanted at the time & life goes on & we just get back to it right away... well, a week later, is that what you said? Hmmmmm, OK, it could have been sooner but the fact you got back is important!

  21. I'm sure you'll have a great week next week. I know getting in that "I can jump hurdles" mode usually makes a huge difference.

  22. thanks so much for inspiring me for a good week.. last week we had the evening before Rosh Hashanah meal, then we had a meal after services on Rosh Hashanah foods I love.. I did the best I could with what I Had.. and limited any challah eaten as well as what I put on my plate.. I was in general pleased.. so those were my hurdles .. On Rosh Hashanah morning I was up at dawn at the gym by 7 working with my trainer, then off to services.. this week.. is going to be far harder.. we are in the food business and have a major food show this week.. normally I would eat what is ever there and very little of it is good for you.. however this time I am packing a cooler with good and healthy choices so I do not have to make any decisions regarding food during the show.. 2 days of samples galore.. and things that would make your toes curl.. I was kinda dreading it all.. but you are right Its a hurdle to jump right over.. thanks for a more optimistic view.. have a great week !

  23. I love your honesty. I can't wait to hear about kicking but in the next week. I think your blog is great. I can see why Garrett enjoyed reading it.

  24. annnnd I shall be singing this all day and thinking about you.

  25. thanks for fighting not breaking out that excuse book today

  26. Who says you have to wear pants at the gym? That's a poor excuse.



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