Monday, September 13, 2010

Listening to Your Body

Body: Jack? Oh Jackie…?

Jack: You? What do you want?

Body: I need you to do me a favor...

Jack: Whatcha need?

Body: I want to you to grab a big ol’ bowl of chips and guacamole, maybe a beer or two... and sit your ass down in that easy chair over yonder.

Jack: Excuse me?

Body: Look, those shows we DVR’d ain’t gonna watch themselves…

Jack: I was thinking about heading out for a workout.

Body: Awww no. We did that yesterday.

Jack: I know…

Body: And you went for a run yesterday morning.

Jack: So what?

Body: So… haven’t you ever heard of a little thing called an “off” day?

Jack: I think I banked quite a few “off” days in the past.

Body: No, no… it’s a “use ‘em or lose ‘em” kind of deal.

Jack: I’m not sure I trust you, buddy.

Body: I just don’t see what harm there is in a little downtime in front of the tube…

Jack: And I think you’ve got another good workout in you today.

Body: I’m soooooore.

Jack: You’re a sorehead.

Body: I’m serious as a…

Jack: …heart attack?

Body: Yeah, as a… no. That’s not what I meant.

Jack: Come on… the sooner we get started, the sooner we get done.

Body: But I don’t wanna!

Jack: I said, come on!

Body: Don’t you know that you’re supposed to be listening to your body?

Jack: I tried that for a while and it didn’t work out.

Body: Yeah?

Jack: Yeah… now it’s time for my body to start listening to me.


  1. So true. So accurate. (She says, aching all over from doing 14 miles yesterday......)

  2. Yeah Jack I have had that fight too. I am sore as hell today, so I did something right this weekend. I need to carry it on over into the week though!

  3. I love it. Now, if I can just remember that when my body tries that prior to a workout.

  4. heheh that's fantastic :) well written.. love it


  5. Those mental battles can be tough to win. Funny, another blog I read was talking about talking yourself into getting out the door this morning also. Mind over matter or in this case (our case) mind over body. Nice post Jack.

  6. Beautiful ... and exactly what my body needs to hear today!

  7. Were you listening in my head this morning ?

    new yoga class kicked my butt this weekend and im sorrreeee, defiantly having to talk myself into my hot date with Gym today

  8. That sounds eerily familiar to the conversation going on in my head right now convincing myself to get to the workout DVD waiting for me in the DVD player. Jack, are you a mind reader?

  9. sounds like the angel on one shoulder the devil on the other, you Jack are the angel ;-)

  10. Sometimes I swear you're in my head! I certainly needed to read this today!

  11. My body still talks me into bad things... like making and eating chocolate cake! Boo!!!

  12. So well said! I often have struggles like that with my body and unfortunately sometimes she wins!! :(

  13. Your body sounds a lot like my mind. Lazy bitches, both of 'em!

  14. My body and I have this fight all the time some days you just got to tell it to stuff it and do what's best

  15. Hey Jack, That wasn't your body talking, that was the nasty devil who sits on your shoulder...

  16. Oh, snap! I loved that last line. But it was the pleasure center in your mind saying that, not your body. Your body really does love exercise!

  17. I know you meant it to be funny, but I have basically this conversation with my bod on a daily basis. Unfortunately, my body often (still) wins, but I'm working on tipping the scale (ooops, bad pun) the other way.

    Vee at

  18. True enough, Jack. =) Now get back to work!

  19. nice....tell him who's boss! :)

  20. Any day I can't put my baby toe in my mouth; I have to exercise.

  21. I think my body belongs to a mafia, cuz the bitch has some serious pull...



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