Saturday, April 10, 2010

I Think You Can Do This

Welcome to "Same Old Sh*t" Saturday, where I rehash and recharge. Lately, I have contracted a case of the Spring sillies. I can't seem to write a post that doesn't drift into nonsense these days, and I don't know if it's the warm sunshine or just the fact that I'm feeling awfully good these days. So I'm dredging up a little something from more serious times in an effort to balance things out a bit. If you need me, I'm in the backyard laughing and running around in little circles...

Maybe you’re racked with doubt about whether or not you’re ever going to drop these pounds. Perhaps you think this is a goal that you’re never going to be able to accomplish.

For what it’s worth, I think you’re gonna do it.

I think you’ve got this.

What gives me such sure-fire confidence that this is your time?

I think you want it. Of course you want it. Why else would you be here, scouring the internet for information on losing weight and getting healthy? Maybe you’re just getting started, laying the groundwork, whatever. You’re here. Maybe you’ve been at it a while and are just in need of a strong second wind. You’re still at it. You haven’t given up, and that’s one of the most basic, fundamental reasons why you’re going to make it.

I think you know what you need to do. You do–that point’s not even up for debate. All the information you need is either in your brain or at your fingertips. You may not be heeding it every day, may not be following your own game plan, but that’s not because you don’t know any better. You know better, and one day (and one day soon) you’re going to wake up to the fact that you know better.

I think you deserve it. Don’t get the feeling that I think you’re extra special (though, I do feel like you’re extra special). I think everyone deserves it. Everyone deserves to be healthy, to be fit and to feel good about themselves. It’s a basic human right, and it’s time you reclaimed what is rightfully yours.

I think nothing’s stopping you… but you. Blame the job, your kids, your spouse, your financial situation… blame anything you want, but understand that it’s you that dug this hole that you’re standing at the bottom of and it’s you that’s going to eventually have to put that shovel down and decide that it’s time to start climbing.

I think it’s time. I mean that, I think it’s time right now. I mean right this very second. Excuses are for the weak, and you are anything but weak. You’re strong-willed, and I know that if you apply yourself… I mean really give it your all… this is a journey that you will be successful with.

Five months ago, I stood on a scale and cried like a baby. Maybe you’ve felt like that before; maybe you feel like that right now. It’s a miserable way to feel, isn’t it? I looked in a mirror and could no longer face the image staring back at me. I wasn’t so mad at what I’d done to myself; I was mad at what I was continuing to do to myself. If you can appreciate the difference… well, that’s one more reason why you’re going to make this change in yourself.

Because that’s the thing: we’re not chained to the person we are. There’s nothing holding us back if we wake up and decide to make that transformation. Five months ago, I changed the person I was, and every day that has since passed makes me prouder and happier at where I am now and what I’ve accomplished.

I’m not done yet, and neither are you.


  1. Great post... very inspirational. Thanks for that. I'm just getting started on my journey (again), so I can use all the inspiration I can find.


  2. Thanks Jack, As usual, you are on my wavelength.

  3. Thanks Jack, I needed to hear that today!

  4. I needed this today. Thanks for reposting it.

  5. Weekends are hard...this was great!

  6. I am strong, I can do this! I will do this for the rest of my life. There's no turning back now.

  7. Thanks for this Jack. The part about digging my hole and putting down my shovel really hit home. In fact, I linked you in my post and quoted that part because I needed to talk about it. Thanks for the motivation and inspiration!

  8. Good inspiration for me today. Thanks.

  9. "I wasn’t so mad at what I’d done to myself; I was mad at what I was continuing to do to myself"---- This is the line that really hit home for me!!

    Thank you!!

  10. as always, very well put! straight and to the point.

  11. Thanks Jack!! That hit home. :)

  12. That was awesome! Thanks so much for it! Just what I needed to hear. Will link on to my blog with your permission:

  13. Thanks Jack! We all need to hear this once in awhile!

  14. I didn't cry...but I did see stars and hyperventilate...lmao. After I talked myself down from the ledge, I could be worse and will be if I don't start now.
    So I did.

  15. I hope you don't mind that I saved this page to my desktop for when I need a little pep talk. Thanks Jack!

  16. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! You're great!

  17. Ooooooh.

    Spooky. Dead spooky. You could have been giving me a good talking to with that post of yours.

    You are right of course. I shall have to read that one often.



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