Friday, April 9, 2010

Eatin' My Veggies

I'm sorry, Elvis

Roly poly momma gonna get my scale,
Gonna get my scale goin’ down.
Got a whole lot of blubber that's ready to burn,
Don’t like that number goin’ higher.
There's a thousand good reasons for getting more light,
And I’m gonna make it all start happenin’, all right.
I think I’m gonna get it all started tonight.
Oh, eatin’ those veggies, eatin’ those veggies.

How I wish that I’d started way on back,
Started eating more better in my youth.
‘Cause if I had, I’d be way better off,
Be healthier now, that’s the truth.

Oh, there's black beans and parsnips and collard greens,
Brocolli and asparagus and fava beans.
Eat ‘em all and you just might fit in them jeans.
Eatin’ those veggies, eatin’ those veggies

Eatin’ those veggies with a glass of wine,
Brings out the flavor and makes ‘em taste fine.
Eatin’ my veggies every night and every day.
Cookin’ those rascals every which way.
You can even load up
When you’re at the buffet.

I'm gonna keep dishin’ ‘em out
That’s what healthy eatin’s about
Serve em up hot for me and my chill’n.
We’re all eating real well
Whether it’s boilin’ or roastin’, sauteein’ or grillin’
I'm gonna keep eatin’ ‘em, I gotta tell ya’ll.
Oh Jack, he’ll even eat the damn things raw
Just wash ‘em in the sink, then stick ‘em in my jaw
Eatin’ my veggies, eatin’ my veggies,
Eatin’, eatin’ my veggies.


  1. Thanks for the wake-up music!

  2. A great way to start my "Monday" (yep ... Fridays are Mondays in my world)!

  3. What a perfect pick me up in the middle of the day!

  4. Oh yes--I never get enough veggies. Have a great weekend!

  5. Aaaaannnnd . . . another earworm. Thanks Jack.

  6. I'm so anxious for summer and really fresh veggies to grill, grill, grill!

  7. I'm in love *bam* I'm all cooked up...

  8. Was having one of those days and then I read your blog. Thank you for the pick me up and the reminder to go eat my veggie's.

  9. Makes me want to don a rhinestone jumpsuit and jerk the hips. Hey, that's a good workout!

  10. how do you think of this stuff??

  11. Eating my veggies right now! :) Like a gigantic big ol leafy green salad. Hunka hunka burnin' salad?

  12. I'll forever think of eating veggies when I hear Elvis now :)



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