Sunday, April 25, 2010

Checking In

Weekly weigh-in: ******
Loss: ****
Total loss: ****
Body fat percentage: *****
BMI: ***
Emotion: *******

It’s true that I’m still out of town, but if I were a little more committed to my weight-loss blogging craft, I would write and upload this post via my phone after talking the nice lady at the United counter to weigh me along with the luggage. I wouldn’t even be embarrassed with my weight being displayed for all to see (though it might be a trifle embarrassing seing as how I usually weight myself in the buff).

However, I don’t trust my tenuous grip on technology enough to take that walk on the wildside. So… I’m taking the easy route and writing this several days beforehand. I don’t know if I will have fallen completely off the wagon by the time you read these words, but I’m fairly certain that my feet will be dragging off the side.

So… I got nothing to talk about, which is what I’ve been worried about for quite some time. I’ve said just about everything I can think to say about this business, and my weight-loss journey has transitioned into something about as spectacular as waterlogged bottle rockets.

Do I pack up my toys and go home? Well, there’s a problem…

This feels like home.

And I know how I am. As soon as I declare “Mission Accomplished” and shut this b*tch down, that’s when the game of slip-and-slide begins in earnest. As much as I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished with a 90-lb weight loss over the past twelve months, it’s not something I ever–and I mean ever–want to have to do again.

What I think I’ll do instead is give myself a little more leeway and write about other subjects than weight loss and diet/health/wellness from time to time. For instance, I wrote everything I know about women this week and that got me through one more day. Maybe there’re other subjects that require my critical eye…

I may not have a lot left to say, but that’s never stopped me before…


  1. Besides ... if you stopped talking, we'd have to start stalking ... and I don't think you want a whole lot of criminal records on your conscience!

    I, for one, look forward to seeing what else goes on in that head of yours :)

  2. Hey, are you weighing in this week? I know you are out of town.

    I wrote this comment earlier this week as well.

  3. It would pretty quiet in Blogland without you. Less laughter for sure. Of course that would save me tinkling a wee bit in my panties but I'm willing to make the sacrifice.

  4. I support you talking about other stuff. What else do you think about in that amazing brain of yours, Jack?

  5. I definitely think you should keep posting. Not doing so is a step in the wrong direction and what will you stop doing next. In maintenance I think I have to look at the whole person I am more and try to work that into my maintenance routine. It's the rest of your life, man. There ought to be something to talk about.

  6. You really do not want all your "fellow sh*theads" showing up on your doorstep, do you? That would happen if you stopped writing. Plus we would all get depressed with the lack of levity in the blogosphere and you wouldn;t want to be responsible for that! :)

  7. Hope you are enjoying your time away. I would read just about anything you wrote, grocery lists (hey Jack, what DO you eat everyday?), reading lists (I love to know which books people are reading), how about a tour of the house Jack built (or lives in)?

    Whatever you write, I will read.

  8. :-) Write away on anything! I agree... weight loss/maintenance is a life long journey. As I have said before, I am & will always be a work in progress. Keeps me "safe"!

    Hmmmmmmmm, I am still thinking about your weigh in! :-)

  9. I believe I would read whatever you write. You have a way of writing that draws people in.

  10. Everyone needs at least three fart jokes a week. It's a basic necessity like food and shelter. You wouldn't want to deny us a basic necessity of life, would you?

    I'm not so sure I believe you've "found your home." Not the way you were talking about running the other day. Maybe more like a comfy motel.

  11. Keep on writing Jack! We need your humour to keep us smiling :-) And lord knows that when I'm having an off day, i need something to make me smile!

  12. Hey Jack,

    There is no reason to talk about losing weight, if you have already gotten to where you want to be. Just keep talking. After you have lost the weight, it becomes a consciousness thing. It is now, and always is....BE.....Do....HAVE. Live from the inside out now and the outside will take care of itself.


  13. ah is where the fun beings...join the know, the fun stuff.
    I have not yet begun to live or are a creative guy...lets go.

  14. Jack, so sorry I missed you in Denver.

    I have a feeling you could do a whole series on your thoughts about women. Why not Women Wednesdays -- sort of like Same old Sh*t Saturdays?

    Or whatever else you want to write about, we know it will be good.

    Happy travels!

  15. You are an inspiration for many and one person who needs to do anything but shut up.

    I have a better idea. Why don't we shut some other blogs down which are shit and shut them up instead.

    I have lost 66 more pounds, in part, because I have read blogs like this. You are an amazing person because you affect so many in positive ways.

    That can't be said for everyone at blogger nor at Google in Mountain View, California. lol.

  16. Hell no you're not falling off any wagon while you're gone... pfft. Stop talkin' smack, Mr. Sh*t! ;)

  17. I am finally catching up on my blog reading! I hope you are enjoying your trip even if it is for business. I showed my husband your post about women - he thought that was pretty great!

  18. Firstly, never stop!
    Secondly, we love you for how you say it, not what you say (well that's what I love).
    Lastly, once an alcoholic always an alcoholic, once a fat neck always a fat neck, there's no you'll always need us an we'll always need you!

  19. Please don't stop!!! I check in everyday and you keep me going and motivated (and I just found your blog). Write about anything, I would still read it.

  20. Dear Jack, if you stop I will hunt you down. My daily laugh will be diminished if you stop. So you are forbidden. I'm kidding (kind of) since I wouldn't want to pressure you to stick around for us. You should stick around for yourself. Blogging is like free therapy. So whatever you do blog about affects your weight and health, directly or indirectly.

    You could start blogging about your running process though. I'm convinced you're starting to love it but haven't come to the light yet :)

    Is there a race on the schedule? I'm trying to plant a race seed in you. Is it working yet?

  21. oooh
    we can write about other thangs?
    how about a guest post regarding the fact I donned cowboy boots, jean shorts & went to see DISNEY ON ICE all for the other people in my life.
    the shorts? tooshortforthiswomanscomfortzone.
    the old gringo boots? LOVE...with jeans.
    the show? wanted to poke my eyes out.

    the delight on the other 2 members of my tripod of a family's faces? PRICELESS.



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