Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fast Forward Through C25K Week Three

“I always loved running... it was something you could
do by yourself, and under your own power.
You could go in any direction,
fast or slow as you wanted,
fighting the wind if you felt like it,
seeking out new sights just
on the strength of your feet
and the courage of your lungs.”
~Jesse Owens

I can’t say that I’ve embraced running to that degree, but it’s growing on me. Of course, I have to remind myself that I’m currently on a round of Lamisil for a fungus that’s growing on me.

As the running portions of this program expand, I’m having to rethink my approach. In previous weeks, I’ve just run when the voice on my little iPhone app says run and walked when the voice says walk. Now it seems more like I need a strategy for survival.

Up until now, I’ve just listened to whatever items come up on my iPod, whether it’s a Spanish lullabye, Rush Limbaugh podcast or zydeco dance tunes. Now it seems I need to get more calculating with my music choices.

I thought the theme song from “Rocky” would be a smart choice, but I wound up punching my neighbor in the neck and then shaking my hands above my head and celebrating.

Then I tried Kanye West’s “Stronger”, an upbeat hip-hop standard, but I picked an edited version and I kept stopping to see if I could work out what the missing dirty words were.

I flipped over to something from “A Chorus Line” but me doing high-kicks wrecked havoc with my running form.

Finally, I hit on my perfect running song...

I'm Popeye the Sailor Man,
I'm Popeye the Sailor Man.
I'm strong to the finich
Cause I eats me spinach.
I'm Popeye the Sailor Man.

I'm one tough Gazookus
Which hates all Palookas
Wot ain't on the up and square.
I biffs 'em and buffs 'em
And always out roughs 'em
But none of 'em gets nowhere.

If anyone dares to risk my "Fisk",
It's "Boff" an' it's "Wham" un'erstan'?
So keep "Good Be-hav-or"
That's your one life saver
With Popeye the Sailor Man.

I'm Popeye the Sailor Man,
I'm Popeye the Sailor Man.
I'm strong to the finich
Cause I eats me spinach.
I'm Popeye the Sailor Man.

Strong to the finish... you see, that really speaks to me. I'm going to keep going, keep pushing myself, keep heading for unchartered waters. Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper once said "A ship in port is safe... but that's not what ship's are built for."

We were built to go, built to move.

Built to run.

Now if I could just find me some spinach-flavored gum…

Help me bolster my "run for it" playlist. What songs make it easier for you to pick 'em up and put 'em down? What tracks keep you on the track longer?


  1. I've had huge success in the past with running. I actually trained for a 1/2 marathon and the weight just fell off. Unfortunately, after the marathon was over, I didn't have the motivation to keep the weight off and now I'm back where I started trying to lose 100 pounds. I'm planning on getting back on the treadmill soon as I know it's such great exercise. But this time, when I reach my goal I plan on staying at my goal.


  2. Army cadences work well for me!
    For running, that is...

  3. Fat Bottom Girls makes me move. :)

  4. Popeye is a wonderful inspiration. I never knew all the lyrics until now, wow---you never know what you'll learn on this blog.
    Try Lady Ga Ga's Poker Face
    Christopher Cross's Ride Like The Wind
    Green Day's Holiday
    Third Eye Blind's Semi-Charmed Life
    and M's Pop Muzic

    Just a few from my iPod...

    My best, Jack---Be well,

  5. Try Tubthumping by Chumbawamba. Of course you will also want a strong drink when its over too.

  6. I need a new playlist for my 10k on Saturday. I'm interested to see what suggestions you get! Let's see...I like Pitbull's "Can't Stop Me Now", Mutemath "Noticed", Korn "Got The Life". I listen to a very eclectic mix of stuff. :)

  7. I personally like Du Hast by Ramstein--scary sounding German heavy metal. I run faster because I am afraid they will get me.

  8. Anything upbeat from Kid Rock. Stay away from the slower songs while working out.

  9. Ah Jack. I am not sure if we share the same era.....do you like the cheesy '80's stuff?

    Music To Move It

  10. Anything by AC/DC
    Eye of the Tiger


    They actually have lists for how hard your working (bpm).

  11. Three from the Blues Brothers Soundtrack:

    Warming up: PETER GUNN THEME

    In your groove: THINK (Aretha Franklin)

    Cooling down: Theme from RAWHIDE (Elwood & Jake)

    Of course, you pert near need to be older than dirt to enjoy the above selections but for me that's no problem. (When I moved into my current home, we had a rotary wall-mounted phone with a party line...maybe YOU can explain that to the kids here. LOL.)

    Love, Jill

  12. My running playlist included: Ted Nugent - Free For All and Cat Scratch Fever. Don't like him in any other context, but love the Nuge for running tunes. Just about anything by Van Halen - great axe work and a driving beat.

    I'll second Tub Thumping and add The Georgia Satellites.

    Good Luck.

  13. Right now my running playlist includes a lot of mindless pop music with a good beat; think Ke$ha and Lady Gaga with a little Pink and Jesse James thrown in.

  14. how about "aint' nothing gonna get me down, aint' nothing gonna break my stride, oh no I need to keep on moving.... :-)

    Love this post love that you are starting to like running, love that I will come here one day and read a race recap!

    Jack you continue to inpire me daily!

  15. Spinach gum ... interesting. But I'm so afraid that that some opportunistic marketer will try to make it happen for a target health-oriented consumer group. Folks, you heard it here.

    Best song on my ipod for running is Bruce Springsteen's Born to Run.

  16. That quote is great. I like to run to mostly cheesy pop music and hip hop, but especially ones that have lyrics I can relate to running. Like Madonna's "4 minutes to save the world" makes me think just go for 4 minutes more, you can do anything for 4 minutes. Or there is one Black Eyed Peas song that says "keep running running" through the song.

  17. I Hate Myself for Loving You - Joan Jett

  18. I don't run but these keep me on the Grindstone ...

    NIN ... "Only"
    Cracker ... "Teen Angst (What the World Needs Now"
    Jet ... "Are You Going to Be My Girl"

  19. Saliva "Click Click Boom" winds up on my playlist a lot for this purpose. :)

  20. And believe it or not this mellow one has a mood to it that I love as well ...

    David Gray ... Babylon

  21. Strangest thing... that I like running now. I NEVER did it when I was overweight. You would have thought that I could pick up on that.

    Now I have a stress fracture in my left leg and can't run. Wish so much that I could. I was training for a half marathon and now I am regulated to the elliptical or a bike. Oh well.. could be worse.

    Thanks as always!!


  22. DJ EZ Rock & Rob Base ... "It Takes Two"
    Paolo Nutini ... "New Shoes"
    Pursuit of Happiness ... "I'm an Adult Now"

    I'm going to go get on that damn treadmill now ... Thanks!

  23. Ooh, I'm so glad you're doing this! I'm always looking for good tunes!

    I REALLY like Knights of Cydonia by MUSE when I'm running or doing eliptical... It has a slow start, but once you get past the first little bit- it's amazing. And the lyrics:

    "No one's gonna take me alive. The time has come to make things right. You and I must fight for our lives. You and I must fight to survive." Empowering!

  24. First off, Rush Limbaugh? Ok I'm moving on.
    Playlist for running. My personal faves are.
    1. Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Heads Will Roll
    2. Eminem- Mosh
    3. Flobots- Stand Up
    4. Jason Mraz- Dynamo of Volition
    5. Jay-Z/Linkin Park-Points of Authortiy/99 Problems
    6. Reel Big Fish- Beer
    7. Outkast- Bombs Over Bagdad
    8. Vampire Weekend- Cousins
    9. Arctic Monkeys- Fluorescent Adolescent
    10. The Raconteurs- Consoler of the Lonely

    Just to name a couple.

  25. I like listening to podcasts when I run (Two Fit Chicks, RadioLab, old Jillian Michaels ones, This American Life). One great thing I discovered is that since a recent update, I can import podcasts that I've already started listening to into my playlist, and the application will start where I left off. It also bookmarks the podcast when I finish the workout so that I can listen to it from the spot where I left off.

    This was a majorly exciting discovery for me. I like listening to music, but during longer runs a podcast is more distracting from the "pain, tired, please stop, stop now" voice.

    One thing NOT to put in your podcast playlist: The "O, Brother, Where Art Thou" soundtrack. I just put my podcast on shuffle one time, and "I am Weary, Let Me Rest" came up. NOT what I needed to hear!

  26. Stevie Ray Vaughn - Voodoo Child

  27. The workout songs I use depend on whether I'm running outside or working out indoors. Here are my go-to "run like the wind" songs for outdoor running. Primitive and empowering:

    Beastie Boys "Sabotage"
    Devo "Gates of Steel" (lyrics are sooo appropriate)
    TV on the Radio "Wolf Like Me"
    Siouxsie & the Banshees "Spellbound"
    Foo Fighters "Best of You"
    Jane's Addiction "Mountain Song"

  28. I really like Move It from Madagascar. It seems to come up halfway through my runs when I really need to well move it. I also like a mix of upbeat country, Bon Jovi, Pink, and Cher. It seems to motivate me to get it done.

  29. I just bought an MP3 player and I´m amazed how much more I enjoy running. Especially outside, now the weather´s warmer.

    I find that it doesn´t really matter, if the song´s uptempo or a ballad, as long as you love it. I´ve got everything from Faithless, Moby, Foo Fighters, Stone Temple Pilots, Green Day, The Jam etc. on it. Having two little kids, this is the only time, I can really listen to music.

    Relaxing and burning calories the same time. Could it get any better?

  30. Meatloaf and Queen - grate for driving and running

  31. Anything by Queen gets me going for sure. But also, 'Sorry" by Madonna. It's a great beat for running with a message that doesn't allow for excuses from my brain:

    "I don't wanna hear, I don't wanna know
    Please don't say you're sorry
    I've heard it all before
    And I can take care of myself"

  32. I love Usher & Salsa music.. Anything with up beat music...

  33. First of all, I *love* the quote at the top! That sums up how I feel really well.

    Secondly, I'm tempted to give you a long list of songs that make me laugh that I can't even imagine running to...like Patrick Swayze's "She's like the wind" - something that if people heard what you were listening to they'd make a wide berth...you know, even more than normal.

    But alas, in the spirit of running, I give you some of my best tunes:

    -Because We Can Can Can - Fatboy Slim (Moulin Rouge sndtrk)
    -Here it Goes Again - Ok Go
    -I Want You Back - Jackson 5
    -Let's Get it Started - Black Eyed Peas
    -I'm Too Sexy - Right Said Fred (because come on! That's funny)
    -We Didn't Start The Fire - Billy Joel (I know all the words to this so it tends to distract me)
    -Lump - Presidents of the United States
    -Stand - Rascal Flatts (dude...this song makes me run a lot harder because I get all sentimental and sh!t)
    -Spinning - Jack's Mannequin

    You'll have to post your favs so we can all get some good ideas! :)

  34. Jack,,, I am starting C25K today!!! Whoooo!! (thanks to posts from you and Jewliagoulia!) I found this website and downloaded Week 1... I haven't heard the others yet. http://aquestionofperspective.com/c25k
    Scroll to the end of the post

  35. I find any music I'd like to dance to keeps me moving for running too.
    I'm a bit of an electronic music nut so things like the Chemical Brothers and Prodigy and the like really get me moving...nothing like good techno to move my feet...

  36. I found around week3 or week 4 of c25k I slowed my pace on the runs and it helped tremendously. I also re-visited the music I loved in HS it really gets me going since there are so many memories tied to it and it has a good beat.

  37. While major players of their time, I think you should steer clear of Beethoven and Mozart. Though I hear Vivaldi really rocked the joint.

    I also hear Metallica is nice this time of year.

  38. Great end quote; I really like that.

    For me, during the C25K and subsequent running sessions, I found the following songs were the most compatible with my natural pace (and gave me a nice energy boost too). The stars ones were the best:

    King Of Spain – Moxy Fruvous
    Greased Lightning – Grease Soundtrack
    I Gotta Feeling – Black Eyed Peas
    Wing Stock – Ashley MacIsaac
    Leave The Rest For Dead – Phil Deschambault And Ask Koley
    Proud – Heather Small *
    Black Betty – Spiderbait
    Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy – Big & Rich
    Jump Jive An’ Wail- Brian Setzer
    If It Means A Lot To You – A Day To Remember *
    Feel Good Time – Pink
    Spybreak (Short One) – Propellerheads
    Who Makes You Feel – Dido
    God Is A DJ – Pink
    Dread Rock – Oakenfold

  39. I like fast, upbeat music to run to...my favorite right now is "When Loves Takes Over" by David Guetta & Kelly Rowland.

    Really anything on the hit radio stations right now fits my bill though...Rihanna, Ke$ha, Jay-Z, Flo-rida, Kanye, Jason Derulo, Beyonce, Madonna, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears etc etc

    I surprisingly listen to more hip-hop songs for running; it's not usually my thing.

    PS I think I'm still waiting for my Jack Sh*t remix of Britney Spears!?!

  40. William Shatner for the win.


    Seriously, don't knock it till you've tried it.

  41. I was just checking out MrsFatass' playlist on her blog. I am in the market for some new music too. But some that I like are:

    "I Want to Break Free" by Queen - excellent lyrics for what I am trying to do right now
    "Groove is in the Heart" by Deee-Lite
    "Bust a Move" by Young MC
    "Flathead" by the Fratellis
    "That's Not My Name" by the Ting Tings
    "A-Punk" by Vampire Weekend
    and "This Too Shall Pass" by Ok Go (this one isn't really a fast tempo song, but again, the lyrics are good for what I am doing)

  42. Also, from your quote above: "and the courage of your lungs" Maybe this is my problem. My lungs are cowards.

  43. i actually do have rocky's theme on my mp3. :) i run the gamut of upbeat tunes from boston and john mellencamp to michael jackson and beyonce. "running on empty" by jackson brown is good too.

  44. Any rock and roll will move me along :) Popeye would be a fun personal trainer!

  45. "Pretty Fly for a White Guy" -- that song you hear at all the cheerleading competitions (not that I watch cheerleading competitions, but when I run through the channels and land on it for the briefest of seconds, they are ALWAYS playing that song).

  46. Music I like to exercise to:
    - Pump Up the Jam (Technotronics) oldy but goody
    - Put Your Back Into It (Ice Cube)
    - Get the Party Started (Pink)
    - Rock Your Body (Justin Timberlake)
    - Carry Out (Timbaland feat. JT)

    There's a few for ya!

  47. Strong to the finish...I like that!

    One song on my list that always seems to make me work a little harder is Lunatic Fringe by Red Rider. It's an old 80's favorite of mine :)

  48. Great quote! I love running because no matter what else is going on in my life, I can put on my shoes, hit the pavement/treadmill/track and it's all about ME and what I can do. I'm in control of fighting to keep going, keep up the pace, and not quit. It is a test of my will.

    It helped me a lot when there were a lot of other things in my life that seemed out of my hands.

    ...and it's a sillystupid song, but Tik Tok by Ke$ha always makes me pick up the pace.

  49. My last few runs (including my longest run) was sans music. I think I'd like to keep that variable out of the equation for awhile to ensure I don't have a dependency on it.

    Since I'm a Forrest Gump fan, I like the songs that were being played during his running scenes...Michael McDonald's "It Keeps You Runnin" and Jackson Browne's "Running on Empty" come to mind.

  50. I don't run...yet. I jog *very* slowly or do the elliptical.Here are a few of the songs that help keep me moving.
    Ray of Light-Madonna
    Pump It & Boom Boom Pow -Black eyed Peas
    Standing outside the Fire-Garth Brooks
    Man in the Mirror-Michael Jackson
    It's not Over-Chris Daughtry
    The Reason -Hoobastank

    Don't laugh but I also like The Footloose soundtrack lol

  51. Anything by Junkie XL or Vampire Weekend keeps me going. Though lately I've been listening to Lady Gaga when I run.

  52. "Then I tried Kanye West’s “Stronger”, an upbeat hip-hop standard, but I picked an edited version and I kept stopping to see if I could work out what the missing dirty words were." LMAO!!

    Very girly song, but Fighter by christina aguilera

  53. I find the soundtrack to Run Lola Run very good for keeping pace...for obvious reasons...

  54. How did Rush sneak into your ipod? That would make me run faster actually, just imagining him coming after me.

    I like how someone mentioned Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock! Nothing like re-imagining yourself as a 20- something Club Rat from back in the day to get moving.

    And speaking of the 90s, I really love the De La Soul mix (made for Nike+), called "Are You In?" It is perfect because it is meant for running - 44 minutes long, starts slow, ends slow, and seriously speeds up in the middle. Give it a shot.


    Proud of you for keeping up with the C25k.

  55. Keep it going Jack! You know, I do a ton of running but I never came to love it like most BUT it sure leaves me with a sense of accomplishment!

    I like my rock & roll... hey, I am 52! :-)

    So excited to have you my way tomorrow!

  56. I just started personal training and they are kicking my tail.. so I ask what I should do on my down days? 'How about C25K?' So, GAME ON!!

    I have a rad guest post-er on my blog today. Check her out! She is the RD for Rutgers Athletics!


  57. So glad I found you again.. had lost your link a while back and now I am back yay.. your posts are the best and always keep me smiling...

  58. Bleed It Out - Linkin Park makes me feel like I can run like the wind. In fact, anything from Linkin Park & many of My Chemical Romance tracks get me going & distract me.

    Thanks to you for posting about your C25k journey I'm starting W3 Thursday! Woot!!

  59. Big Girl you are Beautiful- Mika

  60. I find listening to music utterly distracting while I run, and I'm a professional musician! :) I like to think, think, think. Getting lost in my own thoughts, like planning new posts, makes me forget that I am running so darn far!

  61. I'm finding that I like to have a fairly broad mix of music when chugging along on the track. And I put my MP3 player on shuffle, because I like surprises. :) So I can go from a Green Day song to a Beyonce song to a Beth Hart song. Also, I think AC/DC is pretty much always a good choice.

  62. Giggle. Punch in the neck. I say that ALL the time.

    Music for me is a day to day thing. What made me stay on the treadmill yesterday might not do it today. Which is probably why my ipod has thousands upon thousands of songs on it.

  63. I've never been a metal fan, but Breaking Benjamin's Until the End gets me TO THE END of whatever I'm going for. I'm still doing "run one minute, walk five minutes" because anything more than that makes me feel like passing out.

  64. Black Eyed Peas
    Lady Gaga

    Black Betty by Spiderbait
    When I Grow Up by The Pussycat Dolls

    I Will Survive...by Gloria Gaynor.

    I'm going to try this C25K thing when I've lost another 40 lbs. I think.

  65. "Stronger" by Kanye West is one of my favorite workout songs ever. Almost anything by Fall Out Boy gets me going just 'cause I love their upbeat stuff. If I'm in the mood for rock, Breaking Benjamin and Disturbed are pretty good for exercise.

  66. Yes, the beat of the song affects your running, but the words can too! Cher's "Taxi" came on and I started wishing a taxi would show up! Adam Lambert said" Hey, slow it down...." I thought it was divine intervention. Adam & Allison came on and sang , "Slow ride, take it easy...." and I felt compelled. I'm just saying a song can have a great rhythm, but the words need to be there too! One of my faves is Black Eyed Peas', "Pump it."

  67. Wow, I'm on here gettin' some ideas for my own ipod :) All so different!

    Just to add to your possible confusion.. here are a few of my fave "power"songs...

    Tom Petty "Runnin down a dream"
    Wille De Ville "Demasiado Corazon (Live Version)" Used to love this song when I was learning to run.. save it till last and crank up the speed to max and try to get through whole song without stopping.
    Riverdance "Thunderstorm"



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