Sunday, April 4, 2010

Onederland, Schmunderland

Weekly weigh-in: 202.5
Loss: +3.8
Total loss: -90.0
Emotion: Unwavering

I was reasonably confident that my “no scale” month wasn’t going to bite me on the ass.

I stayed on plan with my eating and I exercised six days a week, trading in my tried-and-true cardio ho-down for a newfound commitment to strength training. To bolster my efforts, I started running as well, giving the much-loved C25K program a hearty (if hesitant) try.

Then on this past Monday, the wheels started coming off. I was at my gym, wrapping up a solid workout when one of the trainers informed me that the facility was closed the rest of the week for Passover (I belong to a Jewish Community Center).

The next day, my office was sponsoring a lunchtime event for charity where they brought in a chef from a fantastic Italian restaurant that would be preparing lunch. So I missed my regular Tuesday workout but made up for it by having a big lunch, complete with a couple of glasses of vino (note: wine for lunch seems like an awfully civilized way to do things, as is the afternoon nap).

Wednesday was Anita’s birthday, so my daughter Pisa and I took her out for lunch (sushi). Later I took her out for dinner and then we came home and had birthday cake (a big dense chocolate monstrosity) and ice cream (not even low-fat!) afterwards. To my credit, I did manage to sneak in a C25K run before dinner, but I felt like my little boat was taking on water and I was trying to bail it out with a thimble.

Thursday’s workout was cancelled due to the fact that I was out of the office golfing. That seems to be the way it goes for me sometimes: I get in a good groove and nothing can get me off track, but if one domino falls over, they continue… clack, clack, clack… with no end in sight.

The next day (Good Friday), my kooky gym was back open, so I got in and tried to make my biceps explode. I also got a nice sweaty ride on the stationary bike in as well. I’ve come to far to give in without a fight…

Friday night was another birthday dinner with Anita at a fancy restaurant where we had seventeen courses with dessert being at least three of them. We don’t go out to really nice places all that often, so I tried not to have a stick up my butt about the meal. We polished off a nice bottle of wine and had a very enjoyable time.

I got a good workout in on Saturday and even started the second week of C25K, but I knew I’d be saying sayonara to Onederland. It might have happened even without my out-of-whack week, but I’m not going to crap my pants about it after all.

I can feel the changes that this strength training stuff is causing with me. And I’m not panicking or changing course. I’ll buckle down and fly straight, but I’ll also stay true to what I’m doing.

The scale’s going in the wrong direction, but I’m not.


  1. I think you have the right attitude, not being too worried. You have been doing great so just keep it up, especially with the strength training!

  2. Life happens. You seem to really want to be heading in the right direction and believe you will get there.....that counts for so much.

  3. You know what Jack?

    You have the right mind-set. I mean, it's not like you laid around all week pounding Big Macs - YOU LIVED YOUR LIFE! It's all about a lifestyle not about dieting hardcore 24/7 and missing out on life. You were in Onederland and now you are taking a small vacation - no big deal.

    You know what you are doing (did this week.) The weight gain is not a mystery to you. Also, kudos for not only recognizing and admitting what went "wrong" (i.e. the cause of your gain,) but also for not letting it get out of control (you still went to the gym.)

    I'm not worried about you and more importantly YOU don't seem worried about you.

    See you back in Onederland in no time.

    Have a great weekend!


  4. you have the exact attitude that it takes to cross a finish a 5km finish line...just sayin' :-)

  5. Probably just a bunch of water weight if you ask me, dude. Sushi does that to everyone :).

  6. The scale has to be within reach for me, otherwise I begin fooling myself.

  7. Eh, the scale isn't everything!! Isn't that why you took the Scale-cation in the first place? You have been rockin' out with your c---- out, *cough* I mean you have been excelling, sir.


  8. Your weight may be up a tad but i'll bet your measurements are going down!

  9. When I started strengh training, my weight went up a few pounds but now after 3 months of training, I see the weight coming off again. Doing the strength training is so important for you in the long run, I think it's smart to avoid the scale for awhile longer.

  10. I think what you're experiencing is called "maintenance". =P

    You're a rockstar at the gym. It'll be heading in the right direction soon enough.

  11. Wow, he's human.

    And I'm more inspired by this post than many I've read in a long time. See you at the gym bright and early Monday, Jack.

  12. Jack...what about the Waist to Hips ratio? Let's keep you off that scale and start looking at measures that count for a strength training health machine like you!

  13. It is so easy to get side tracked
    You will be back in oneunderland before you know it!!

  14. I have no fear of you failing. I have no doubt that you will succeed. I know you will be back in ONEDERLAND soon, real soon. :)

  15. Jack, I feel like we are living parallel lives with the birthday extravaganzas. My BF's birthday is tomorrow and we have already had two dinners out, one more tomorrow and then the 15th and 16th we are going away for the big extravaganza. Go thing I plan to walk 10 miles this week.

    Did you take your measurements before you started lifting? When I lost weight the first time and started hitting the weights hard I did not lose any more weight, but I was able to fit into smaller clothes.

    Love your attitude Jack and I know you are going in the right direction.

  16. You definitely have the right attitude! Just because you gained 3.8 doesn't mean it was 3.8 lbs worth of fat. Some of it could be but most of it could be all the new muscle you're building. Unfortunately, the scale doesn't know the difference between the two.

  17. I am glad you had a wonderful time with your wife this week. And I agree you are putting on muscle. The real test will be the weigh in NEXT week, and the week after that, and the week after that...

    Shirtless pic?? Still waiting...

  18. ppppllbbbbbbtttt..on the scale.
    I went up to 169 and down to 166.5 again today.
    YOu are one big crap away from onederland...but with your body type (tall) and weight may not be meant for of glynda and munchkins. like
    You may have to stay in twoterville and provide the muscle, kind of like tony.
    Happy passover?!

  19. Some weeks are just like this, Jack. It's part of the living process - we can't only lose or maintain a perfect weight. It actually helps me to know that even the Titans of weight loss blogging experience an occasional glitch. Thank you for being human and REAL! You know you'll be fine.

  20. You're living. And isn't that the goal? Yeah, we may have to put in more workout time--or be mindful of our consumption during normal days---but big events...a little indulgence is normal. I type that, but seriously---I have issues with it---I know it's right...And you're a wonderful example, but I'm not comfortable enough to fully ride without training wheels. I don't want to fall. Someday I'll ditch the training wheels and be free of this fear...and you will too.

    My best always

  21. my husband and i recently kicked up our half-assed strength training programs a notch (taking on the 100 pushups challenge), and both of us have noticed an increase in poundage. at the same time, though, we both look better and our clothes are fitting better. it's still discouraging to see the needle move in the wrong direction, but we're trying to keep it in perspective--muscle weighs more than fat, plain and simple.

  22. I have been flirting with Onederland for about 3 weeks and can't seem to stay there. I am hoping that it is filled with no cal margaritas, blue skies, and warm ocean water.
    I hate when life gets in the way!!

  23. If I did not "know you better" via blog land, I would say get your butt back to work & don't look back BUT I know you are already doing that & even with all the enjoyment, you will not falter from your goal to keep moving forward with your healthy life.

    You are definitely going in the right direction both physical & mental wise!

  24. Great attitude. At least you can evaluate it and make changes where needed!

  25. I like your conclusion, but I have to ask, are you actually looking closely enough at the results not reflected by the number on the scale? I am glad to hear that you "can feel the changes that this strength training stuff is causing", but I wonder if you are really letting them register. Your post is quite concentrated on this past week, yet you have been working so hard for a whole month. Tell us (and yourself), Jack, what is it like? Are your muscles becoming more defined? Are your clothes fitting better? Have you increased your weights and endurance? I know you say you're not, but make sure you don't lose sight of the bigger picture!

  26. OK, so you lived a little. You know how to get back on track. While tempting, I try not to get too caught up in what the scale says.
    I get my body comp tested 2x/yr via the underwater "dunk" method. I'm told it's the most accurate measure there is. Those numbers (percentage body fat, lean mass, fluids) mean more to me than my "scale weight" although I check my weight as well.

  27. Yep, that happens sometimes. It's good that you didn't let it rattle you.

  28. these weeks happen. it sounds like you did the best that you can with what you had to work with. the fact that you are aware is huge. i have no doubt you will get back on track this week.

  29. Jack, time to whip out the tape measure and hide the scale, IMHO. If you are strength training and running, this can be a recipe for a big stall on the scale (or gain), even as you lose fat. Why not switch to measuring your waist, etc, and not stress about the scale?

    And give yourself some credit - not a single Peep or Cadbury egg during Easter week? That's a good week.

  30. Those silly numbers can not define you, mister,
    or any one of us. Happy Easter-anniversary, Jack!
    (One week early due to the calendar fluctuations, eh?)

  31. Poor Jack! There you were, minding your own business and beating the everliving sh*t out of this fitness gig when along came all these *normal* people who forced you to participate in their *special* lunch'n'dinner feeding and drinking frenzies, and if that wasn't cruel enough, they went and deprived you of the chance to exercise!

    Like dominos falling? Are you kidding? Don't play the helpless victim, Jack. It's not attractive on you.

    *Ahem* (steps off rude love podium)

    You know, and I know, and your followers know: the weight gain is insignificant bullsh*t. A red herring.

    The significant part of your post: the casual way you describe your behaviors (actions YOU chose) that mimic previous *relapses* or *regains* or whateverthehell you want to call them. These events didn't simply happen to you. I mean, you weren't getting hit by a meteor shower out in the middle of the desert with no where to take cover. Right?


    What was your behavior really about? Because it was a big deal, and you know it.

    Love, Jill

  32. Popped in to say: Happy Easterversary!

  33. Crapping in your pants would only add to the number on the scale, so please don't do that.

  34. You'll get back on track. Actually, it sounds like you never got off track, not really. This was a tough food week all around. I hope you are loving the strength training, and stay with the C25K! I wouldn't be a runner without that program getting me started last year. It took a while, but it worked! Looking forward to hearing your progress.

  35. I like it that you are unwaivering.
    It sounds like you had a nice time with your wife and family this past week.
    Keep up the good work out!
    You're a rock star!

  36. What a great attitude! I think too many of us depend too much on the numbers on the scale...and we forget about looking at the other stuff.

    Were the birthday dinners worth it? Yummy? Fun?

  37. There's nothing to fret over here...if you're back in the gym 6 days this week, lower the alcohol consumption, and stay away from the sodium in the restaurants this week...the scale will drop back down next're doing just fine! )



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