Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bloggin' On My Noggin

Weekly weigh-in: 214.5
Loss: -.7
Total loss: 77.0 lbs.
Emotion: Steady As She Goes

I don’t have a whole lotta pontificating to do about this week. I ate well. I exercised every day. My glass was half full… of awesomeness.

And speaking of awesome, Jack Sh*t, Gettin’ Fit tripped 500 followers this weekend. I’m totally blown away by the support you people give me for what I do. The fact that you visit as frequently as you do, that you often share a link to my blog with your readers and the fact that so many of you leave such witty, heartfelt and supportive comments… well, it makes me happier than a tornado in a trailer park.

I write this blog as much to amuse myself as to amuse you, as much to make me think as to make you think. But I’ve been doing some hard thinking about this space over the past couple of weeks, trying to decide exactly where I want to go with this blog now that the heavy lifting has been done on the weight-loss front. I would proclaim that I’ve said everything I know to say about this journey, but truthfully… I did that during my first few weeks. All I’ve been doing is saying the same things over and over…
  • Eat less.
  • Eat healthier.
  • Exercise more.
If you go back over my blog, you’ll find those same themes repeated ad nauseum. I try to find new and different ways of saying the same things, but make no mistake about it, I pretty much say the same thing over and over. That’s okay though, they’re pretty important things that bear repeating.

One of the things I’ve given a great deal of thought to recently is the mix of posts. Right now, I do some serious, some goofy, some really goofy and some really incredibly goofy. You’d think that the positive feedback I receive from the serious posts I write would make me shift the tone of this blog to a more no-nonsense one. The truth of the matter is that those posts can just wipe me out. They take five times longer to write and they just drain me emotionally sometimes.

I also like to think that most of my readers come back so often because… dammit, this journey is hard enough without being all mopey about it all the time. It’s okay to laugh a little as we try to improve ourselves. It’s okay for us to call ourselves “lardass,” even if we don’t appreciate it from others.

Anyway, I’d be curious to hear any thoughts you might have on the subject. I realize that this is “my” blog and I can do whatever the hell I want to do, but I’m writing this crapola for you too, so I want you to show a little ownership.

Where do I go from here?



  1. I would say.. just don't stop. I have mixed emotions.. "Change is as good as a rest" comes to mind.. ie.. if you want to change it, go for it.

    Or.. "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".. ie.. this blog rocks, you've just broke the 500 barrier.. why the heck do you think that happened?? it's because of the mix you bring.

    So, there's arguments for both sides. I would say - Your more serious posts evoke more response, but that doesn't mean they are appreciated more, or needed more. We need the laugh as much as we need the kick in the pants. The mix is good. If it was all serious all the time, it would be really tough to swallow each and every day.. the way you sandwich these gems of "personal trainer" posts in between the wierd and the whacky, somehow makes them more... powerful.

    I guess what I'm saying is.. it ain't broke. Please don't fix it.

  2. I agree that you should keep doing what you're doing.

    We need the serious posts, because we're committed to this and yes, this is very important to all of us. Health is important.

    But there's no need to take everything so seriously all the time. Life's already tough as it is and everybody needs some good laughs. It just makes the journey more pleasant. ;)

  3. I'll set up my tent in the "If it ain't broke..." camp. Obviously we all enjoy reading what you write, and from what I can tell you enjoy writing it.

    So... uhm... just don't quit :)

  4. You are right about it being a journey and darn, from the looks of your progress you've been on a pretty steady one - great job!

    Now that I have you bookmarked I'll visit more - just keep up with the writing whatever you choose to write about. Good writing is good writing.

  5. Keep me laughing, that is all I ask. I enjoy the humor you apply to your situation because that is what I do too. We all know what to do to lose the weight, but I relate much more to the people that are human and find the humor in the process. So thanks for the smiles and laughs you have given me already and here's to many more in the future.

    Katie (37 lbs lost since Feb 2009)

  6. what ever you decide JUST DONT STOP.
    I think the mix of fun and serious are great, I know it keeps me coming back.

  7. I have just started reading your blog (sorry) because of AMerryLife. I have to say one thing....let me get this across loud and clear...IT'S YOUR DAMN BLOG. PEOPLE READ IT BECAUSE YOU'RE YOU. WHO CARES..BE YOU. Ok, I am off my soapbox. I like you because you're you. You don't conform and I hope that you don't. Write whatever the hellz bellz you want..we're gonna keep reading. Love, a new reader :)

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  10. Jack, please don't change a thing. I love your humor and your deep sensitive ponderings and threats of physical torture (that's what I call exercise!)are just priceless.

  11. I am with everyone else. Do not stop, keep up what you are doing-it's not broken don't fix it. I like funny, but I also like your serious posts too. :)

  12. You can't fix perfection... keep doing what your doing. We love ya!!

  13. Keep being funny, it's your gift.

  14. Great job, as usual!

    You definately find new and interesting ways of saying the same thing, it keeps me entertained! And what you're saying is what works, so keep saying it!

  15. I say don't change a thing. I enjoyed every word you write. I know I can come here for good words no matter if they are serious or funny. Like Karen, I really look forward to your comments on my blog too. I know if I'm slacking you will give me a kick in the butt and if I'm doing well you'll give me a pat on the back. It really is about feeling like we are on the same team and winning the game together.

    Way to go on all your followers you deserve each on and also on the great weight loss success.

  16. Wow, 500 followers!!! Definitely deserved.
    Maintenance is the hard part of losing weight, so I say just keep doing what you're doing, and show us all how you keep the weight off.

  17. I am with Jenn. I think watching you naviagate maintenance will be a learning experience for us too. Also if it is too much pressure you could give yourself weekends off.

    All I know is I LOVE YOUR BLOG and have even turned my friends IRL on to it and we talk about you as a witty, fun and englightening friend. Thanks for your encouragement and support Jack. It means the world to me.

    P.S. HOLY COW on the 502 followers!

  18. You know just as well as we do that even if the heavy lifting is over, life still happens and with our history it's easy to let those unhealthy habits creep back. Teach us your maintenance ways and keep entertaining us. I haven't commented often recently (the masses intimidate me), but I read your blog daily and hope that you'll stick around.

  19. This is the first time I've looked at your blog (via the link on Amazon Runner's blog) and I'm impressed! Congrats on the 7lbs lost! I've added you to my own blog list. :o)

    Nothing witty to add - sorry!

  20. Jack, I love your humor. You have a gift for it, truly. How many times have I been discouraged and come to your blog and you made me laugh? Thank you for that. There's a lot of "serious" blogs out there, but you have really carved a niche for yourself (if you so choose) with the fun and creativity in your posts.

    I love it. So no matter what you do, don't lose the funny!!

  21. Jack, I like whatever you do BUT I think you need to find what feels right for you & that may just change over & over again with time. I could tell you to keep on doing the same but if you find something else that makes you feel better than go for it!

    I used to write only exercise posts & then I started changing it up to those, nutrition, health & mind/soul issues & more.... I think the readers, if they like you, will like anything you write because you are an awesome writer & can relate to people.

    Go for what makes you feel good & right!

  22. There are lots of ways you should change!

    *Start juggling. People love weird hobbies.
    *Or fire dancing. I hear it's great exercise.
    *Maybe you should try to submit some "sexy" photos of bran muffins? your SOB breakfast? food porn is very "in"
    *People love celebrities, what about discussing celebrities up and down weights?

    Jack ... just stay sh*tty!!! Maintanence has its own challenges, why change something that works?

  23. I'm sure whatever rolls off your fingers will be magic.

  24. I like you just the way you are. Serious sometimes, totally lunacy other times. Fits right in with my lifestyle.

    Of course, you do whatever makes Jack a happy man!

    I will keep reading whatever you decide.

  25. I come back here every day for inspiration. You can't hear too much of the same thing when it comes to dieting and losing weight. It's a way of life, not just a phase of life. Thanks for the encouragement and reminders to keep at it...slow and steady.

    My weight loss journey began 3 months ago....and I have now dropped 20 lbs. Pounds that I plan never to see again. I'm controlling my portions, making better food choices and exercising. My husband and I are doing it together. The best part: we can actually play tag and other physical games with our kids and the kids tire before we do!!!!

    Thanks for your blog. It helps me remember that it's big picture....not just that I didn't loose a pound this week!

  26. Actually Jack, I decided to let my humor through on my blog because of your blog. I wrote some pretty serious posts (as I am sure you know)...and when I came here I could feel the weight (mental) lift a little. I realized how important that was for me, so I know it must be important to others. I love to read your weight loss conversation (non)starters. I think you should repost some stuff occasionally because you get new readers. And they don't know what they missed. Kind of like I love lucy. I like your serious posts. Of course. lol.
    But you taught me to lighten up a bit. It helps us all and that is why we love this blog. So Keep em coming, you're a great writer. I am sure whatever you write about will make us laugh and think.

  27. just do whatever you want, jack! don't think about it so hard, don't worry about it, and just be yourself. write what you want to write! that's how you got this successful in the first place. I'm sure that as long as you stay true to yourself, you'll be great!

  28. For my 5 cents worth, I enjoy it as it is - the serious posts are often more hard-hitting for the fact that they arrive sandwiched between the jokey. Ultimately this blog is for you, and we readers just happen to benefit - if you're not sure where to go next (much like what to do now you've got to a weight you're feeling pretty comfy with) just let it evolve naturally and see where it takes you. No point trying to force inspiration on something that you're just not feeling!

  29. I've often wondered how you do a post a day...and do it so effing awesome!

    I love what you do now, but wouldn't drop you like a hot potato if you changed. Yep, you're stuck with me, Slim. ;)

    Congrats on the loss this week AND the 500+ followers. I hope you don't go all Jim Jones on us now. :o

  30. Hi! I am normally just a lurker but I had to comment. The reason I LOVE this blog is because you crack me up. I think your sense of humor is what makes it stand out from other blogs.

    With that being said you please do what you want to do, ultimately it is your call.

    Keep up your great work. BTW your rap brought down the house.

    Peace out!

  31. Another long-time lurker here. Jack, you are hands-down the best weight loss blogger I've ever come across. I love all your posts, but I particularly enjoy the ones where you tell us something real about your life.

    It could be something that happened today, or something that happened years ago, but it's always interesting, relevant and moving.

    Like some of the other commenters, I'm looking forward to having you show us the way when it comes to maintenance. What bits are hard, what bits are easy? How do your resolutions hold up when life throws you a curve ball? How do you stay motivated when there's no loss to aim for every week? What about your friends and family? Are they supportive or sabotaging as the months tick by? How do you handle the holidays?

    Whatever you decide to do, I'll be along for the ride. Just don't quit! (Please).


  32. I like serious AND I like silly. Silly happens a fair amount around my house. Otherwise, why would I have been dancing around the kitchen last night singing "Kohlrabi" to the tune of "Volare"?

    It's your blog, do what makes you happy!

  33. you have to remember that the blog is about helping you lose/maintain. you should blog about what moves you, wells up inside you whether funny, serious, silly, whatever!

    this is the maintainence thats going to work, so id keep being as spontaineous as possible!

    a few odes to maintainence, observations about athletic developement, psychological developement, its all going to continue and blossom. lotsa material yet to evolve.

    do what artists do, go with it!

  34. The message is the same but the delivery is always unexpected. That's what I like.
    The maintainence part is uncharted waters and is a place where sometimes good weight loss goes bad. I look forward to reading about that along with a good old kick in my fat ass now and then!
    Do you have a hobo picked out yet?

  35. I think all of us who blog, particularly with the more limited subject matter, go over the same territory quite a bit. My blog definitely shifted from dieting and dealing with the ramifications of losing weight to running. But I still repeat myself a lot. One thing about your goofier posts is that they are fun and creative and also give you a break from the heavy-lifting thinking that the more serious posts take. Maintaining isn't as fun as losing, but you'll be there soon -- and I don't doubt that that will bring up its own kind of hilarity. Getting to maintenance, though, can bring out a "Is that all there is?" feeling. Right? Being one who keeps the weight off can be equally inspirational.

  36. Your creativity that you put into them is fantastic. I find it funny that the serious posts are harder to write than the funny ones. It is the opposite for me (and one of the reasons I don't do funny)

  37. "The challenge of leadership is to be strong, but not rude; be kind, but not weak; be bold, but not bully; be thoughtful, but not lazy; be humble, but not timid; be proud, but not arrogant; have humor, but without folly." – Jim Rohn

  38. So, I'm one of the newer voices around here, and occasionally one of the snarkier ones. So, I kind of feel like who am I to make a suggestion. But I will say, Jack, whether you know it or not, you have written things here or in the comments of my blog that have affected the course of my day. No matter what the tone or subject of your words, your compassion and passion and dedication always come through. So, however you evolve, I'll be there.
    Thanks for asking.

  39. I love it all! Your funny posts make me laugh, your serious posts make me think and your really goofy posts make me realize that Anita is going straight to Heaven in a limo ;P

    Seriously, I love what you do; keep doing what you feel when you feel it.

    And congrats on your loss this week!!!

  40. Hey man!!! Are you trying to make us nervous??? Don't go effing around with the damn blog, lol. Keep the same mix you've got going now. Hell, talk to us like you've still got another 100 lbs to lose yourself if you want to....but keep the funny, keep the serious...and DO NOT LEAVE US!!!!! Can you tell you're loved? 500 folks...yeah, I'd say so. :)

  41. Finding Jack Sh*t for the first time tonight. I've known variations on the theme (Jack Ass, Sh*t Head) but never really known Jack Sh*t personally. I'm just starting out with my goal and greatly appreciate your blog.

  42. Oh dear, please don't turn into a mopey, always serious blogger. There is enough of that shit online that I trudge through. I like what you are doing now, but its up to you where it goes. I think most of us will keep reading no matter what. ;)

  43. I think you should just keep working to high five a hobo!

    And I think you should have 1000 followers! You put so much effort and time into your posts!

  44. I'm a little late to this party...But I'm with the rest of 'em. Don't mess with success! You have it down, keep it going.

    You DO need to stop losing weight, I am only 3 pounds lighter than you right now! Stop!

    And post more pics! Give us your worst befores and your best afters!

    We all know you can lose it Jack, but can you keep it off? Give us the real sh*t about maintenance!

  45. Oh, also - my favorites are the goofy posts. For sure.

  46. Jack, if you feel you need to mix it up as it may be getting a little repetitive for you, then mix it up. Do some book reviews (hilariously, of course), I'd love to see a "List of Crap I Can Do Now That I Couldn't Do A Year Ago" - I swear it's the little things that keep this train a-chuggin'. Just keep yourself happy :)

  47. Jack,
    You are a great bright spot in a sometimes dreary day for me!! Your humor is outstanding and your outlook just as fantastic!!!
    I agree, I'd love to see a list of things that you amaze yourself by doing now!!!

  48. By the by, Jack, I have something special for you on my blog...

  49. Congrats on the 500 and the 77! Well deserved and hard earned.

  50. Woohoo- 500 followers is amazing- you obviously have a good thing going here and alot of people that want to see you succeed.

  51. Congrats on the following! I come here because you're honest, genuine, and hilarious. It's a breath of fresh air. I love the songs, and the way you talk about the raw emotion involved in this thing.

    Way to go on the weight loss. You rock, good buddy!

  52. Congrats on the 500 followers Jack!

    I'm mostly going to echo what everyone else said: do whatever you need to do that will keep you writing.

    That said, my personal preference is towards the more serious posts, but I do enjoy the funny ones and think it's important to have a mix. How you want to split it is up to you, but I will say that the serious posts, the ones that emotionally drain you, are inevitably the ones that have the most meaning to me, and which seem to bring out the most in the comments.

  53. Congrats on 500 and the 77, and I love the funnay. There are so many serious healthy blogs out there, the funny stuff stands out.

  54. last as bloody usual!

    i love your blog, both the serious and the silly. and jack you are nothing if not consistent. i like that you're always here.

    you deserve the followers. oh wise one

    p.s good numbers and woot on the loss.

  55. Congrats on the weight loss and the huge following.

    I enjoy the mix or funny and serious I find on your blog. Whatever you're writing....I'm reading.

  56. As I'm in the same place, I'd like to hear your comments and thoughts (in between your crazzyazz posts) about maintaining. I want to know if you go through the same body image issues I do (recently I thought I looked way bigger than when I stopped losing, but then found pics and realize that I am the same size. wtf is up with THAT??), or similar stuff.

    Reality is that just because you are "done" losing doesn't mean you are "done" your journey. It's still doing the same things, but with maybe just adding 500 calories. The day to day is still the same though. Excercise, eating the right choices, etc.

  57. I like my daily Jack, but whatever works for you. I have enjoyed a daily laugh & tear here and there since I discovered your blog some months ago. Thank you for always being "there".



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