Sunday, October 25, 2009

So This Is How It’s Gonna Be…

Weekly weigh-in: 214.5
Weekly weigh-in: 214.6
Loss: +0.1
Total loss: 76.9 lbs.
Emotion: Under Less Pressure

Trying to put this whole weight loss/maintenance deal on auto-pilot, just attempting to eat right without stressing out about every little thing and exercise with intensity that might be high, yet not dialed all the way up. I’m slowly wrapping my head around the idea that this doesn’t have to be an “all or nothing” proposition… and that I’m in it for the long haul so I’d better get comfortable with what I’m eating and what I’m doing.

This has been one of the few weeks where I’ve eaten well, exercised often and enthusiastically, not had any setbacks whatsoever… and gained weight (even if it was only a speck). More than anything else, that tells me that I’m probably not going to lose much more. I’m not complaining or fretting; like I said before: if I could lock it down right here, I’d be good to go. Keeping this whole thing in check is a whole new kind of pressure.

Speaking of pressure, I had a nice moment the other day. I was picking up a few things at the grocery store and ran across one of those blood-pressure checking stations. At my heavier weight, I was always hovering between borderline high blood pressure and your-veins-are-about-to-explode blood pressure. Just like I step on a scale with a new sense of confidence, I wasn’t stressing a bit as I slipped my arm into the cuff of the machine and pressed the “Start” button.

As I grimaced through the unpleasant squeeze on my bicep, I thought back about times when I’d checked myself on similar machines, trying to relax and mentally will my numbers to be low. With my diet how it’s been and my exercise level as high as it’s been, I simply wasn’t worried this go-round.

“Normal” blood pressure is 120/80 or below. And keep in mind that blood pressure tends to climb some as you get older, and that rise carries with it an increased risk of heart attack, stroke and kidney failure, as well as other complications.

My numbers? 88 over 65

Are you kidding me? I should put a faucet on my arm because there’s ice water in my veins. Actually, that’s now borderline too low, but in the range that athletes generally show.

Many of us focus on the “looking better” aspect of this weight-loss journey, but it’s hard not to appreciate the tremendous health advantages living lighter brings us. Whether it’s medications you no longer have to take, less pressure on your joints or simply having the energy to live a vital and active life, being successful with this is simply going to change you for the better.

And there’s nothing that feels quite as good as “better”…


  1. Awesome NSV with the blood pressure, Congrats!

  2. Exactly. +0.1 is nothing, really.
    It's definitely awesome realizing how this whole journey is changing our health for the better. :)

  3. I don't even think that +0.1 counts!

    So terrific that you are looking at your changes overall! Yes, "better" is definitely the best :)

  4. Good for you with the blood pressure. The health benefits must be amazing. Seeing your body morph is cool, but you are right, the things going on on the inside are life altering. Keep up the good work and remember to breathe through the stressful times.

  5. hey, think of the possitive...but stopping your weight-lose now, you won't have to Sacrifice one of your dogs to Brazillian demi-god!!! there is always a bright side to everything..LOL
    awesome work've done excellent!

  6. Wow, that is fascinating about your BP. You're not on meds, right? Interesting what happens when people eat and exercise "normally"-- raising the question, how many people are waaay off "normal."

  7. Holy Sh*t, that BP number is AWESOME! Hope that happens to me. I have had high-ish BP even at a semi-normal weight.

    No one can live, for long, with "all or nothing" thinking, so getting around that is a big deal.

    Kick the sh*t out of maintenance Jack!

  8. Congrats on the change for the better in the BP department! I still can't even fit my chubby arm comfortably in those machines to get an accurate reading.

  9. I think that this is such an important thing for you to remind everyone of. Congrats..your body is thanking you. ~M

  10. When I was younger I wanted to lose weight to look better, be more model mainstream.

    Now, I just want to feel better.

    It's amazing what confidence does to a person -- in my case, changes perspective.

  11. You basically stayed the same... .1 is NOTHING! I;ve had a few weeks of hovering around the same or up a little down a little. This week Im hoping to KILL that scale! Crossing all of my fingers and toes!

    Good job on being BETTER :)

  12. Congrats on the blood pressure :) That's awesome!

    Congrats on the maintain as well. Because honestly, +.1 is a maintain. It's not like you're going to be precisely exactly 214.5 every single week.

  13. With BP that low, be careful you don't pass out if you stand up too quickly! Seriously, I've had that problem and it's really something to be aware of so you don't whack your head.

    I used to be a firefighter, and during one call in the middle of the night, I jumped out of my bunk when the alarm rang for an aid call...I passed out cold, and they ended up having to send an aid car from another station while they tended to me.

    That being said...WOW, just WOW. It must feel wonderful to have come so far.

  14. Jack, great stuff & congrats on the BP number! I thought I would bring to mind that you are now adding weights to your routine & that may have something to do with the slight increase. Just keep trying on the clothes that give you the reality check & if they are still fitting, things are good. Muscle weighs more than fat so.... it may take time for everything to gel. Also, if by chance you had anything with a bit extra sodium or such, that can make you retain water. OR, if you did not get enough water, that may effect it too.

    I go up & down like crazy with all going on in my bod so I try not to let it get to me.. it does BUT deep down I know it is what is going on with this crazed bod right now OR may be more muscle.. I wish!

    Hang tough. You are doing it all right!

  15. Wow, that's awesome that your blood pressure is so low now! Just like an athelete? Cool!

  16. I love those machines now!

    For me the biggest change was my heartrate. Before, it averaged 125 bpm (i know, right?), where now it averages at 62.

    Quitting smoking and losing the weight... who woulda thunk?

  17. Great BP reading. I am on a new med for it now (I take three all together as it wasn't being controlled) and my last reading was 125/75. My doc searched through my records and that was my lowest EVER and he has been my doc for 19 years.

    For me it is the meds though, not the eating healthy and exercising that contributed to your excellent reading.

    In time, I may be able to get off the meds. Who knows?

    Congrats on the maintenance. I think sometimes the body will sit where it wants. Give it another few weeks and you will know for sure.

  18. Holy crap! Those are actually pretty good numbers! I used to worry about my blood pressure getting too low, too (because I'm on medication for it and I still think it will go down more the more I lose), but I read something about it that said as long as you feel okay, there is no "too low." You can go into shock if it goes too low (or maybe it's the other way around--if you're in shock it goes too low), but if you feel fine then you're fine.

    At least that's what I read. Although I warn you that it was an online source that I have forgotten.

  19. Some of my biggest motivators are health driven. I want to ditch insulin (already reduced 70%) and HBP meds (Got rid of one already) Also want to get rid of the &*%$# CPAP machine. I am shooting to be done with all the above by next summer.

  20. If I were you I'd sell all the "old jack" stock now because dow jones market forcasts say its not going to be trading at 120 again.

    At Foolsfitness we are certified professional futures traders in PEZ.-Alan

  21. Ah, maintenance! Let the fun begin! Any Jackhole can lose weight, but it takes a real $hit to be able to maintain! And moderation is the key. Welcome to the second part of your journey Jack! :)

  22. Wow, congrats on that number, Jack! Was it the type of machine that gives you your pulse as well? Just curious what the change is in that. My BP is always decent (114/65 is as high as it gets), but my resting pulse? It always seems through the roof. I cannot wait to see a change in that.

    Anyhoo, again, congrats on all your success!

  23. You've done fantastic. A real inspiration. And I don't think +.1 counts either. You could blow your nose and lose that much. :P

  24. i puffy heart your realism, your rational approach and your no bullsh*t attitude.

    kudos on the blood pressure. i never ever think about the internal stuff.

  25. As someone who was forced into my journey due to "vein exploding blood pressure" - that is AWESOME! It is SO not just about the outside... I am so proud of you - and will be following your footsteps soon!

  26. That is an awesome number for bloodpressure. My hubbie had that and 80-65 when he was running 15 miles on most days of the week...(he was a green beret) So you must be pounding the exercise. Good job. Great job maintaining as well. Show us how it's done.

  27. That's a crazy BP number!!! WTG!!!!

  28. you totally nailed it for me.
    I may have "only" lost 40 pounds BUT keeping it off is 100% motivated by having the energy I need to keep up with my Tornado of a daughter.

    she doesnt care at all how I look---just that Im not a mama who sits on the park bench while SHE plays.

  29. Way to go on the great BP and on maintanence. Sounds like you're in a good place all the way around. I'm all for "better" *smile*.

  30. haha i used to play with those machines all the time when I was little at the pharmacy!! that's awesome you've made such a big improvement.

    I really love what you said about this not being an all or nothing thing, and that this is for the long haul. I REALLY need to keep that one in mind!

  31. Great job on the blood pressure!

    And I totally love that you're not stressing about living "normally" again. I think our bodies really don't deal with stress well and overall you'll totally be better for it... no matter what the scale says. As long as you keep doing what you're doing, you'll be in awesome shape!

    Keep it up, Jack!

  32. Holy crap Jack! That's an impressive reading!! And to think I was happy over my 120/80 reading last week....Pffft!! You rock! :)



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