Thursday, October 22, 2009

Lite Lit

With sincere and profuse apologies
to Robert Frost and Joyce Kilmer.

Stopping By a Blog on a Boring Afternoon

Whose blog this is I do not know,
But I think I’ll leave a comment though.
So she will see I stopped by here,
To watch where this weight-loss tale will go.

This blog’s owner must think it queer,
To find such a kooky comment here,
Between the words of other friends
Who provide good wishes most sincere.

But still this comment I shall make,
And, no, this is not some mistake.
I just hope she will not weep,
To read such words from such a flake.

This journey’s lonely, says Jack Sh*t,
But you can do this, I’ll admit.
You’ve miles to go before you quit,
And lots of comments yet to get.

• • •

Cake And Chips

Some say this diet will end in cake,
Some say in chips.
From the feel of my sweet-tooth ache,
I hold with those who favour cake.
But if my hunger should eclipse,
That sweetness of what bakers’ bake,
I say that for diet destruction, chips
Are also great
With lots of dips.

• • •


I think that I shall never cross
A poem as lovely as a loss.
A loss where weight is coming down
Will entertain more than a clown;
A loss that God was sent my way,
Will fill my heart and make my day;
A loss of just a single pound
Will make me emit a joyous sound.
A poem can be a lovely serenade,
But ultimately cannot be made
By any fool you come across.
But each of us can make a loss.



  1. thanks for always commenting, Jack. it does help the journey seem less lonely.

    I really want to emit a joyous sound this week..

  2. Always something new here!!! :-) Cake & chips becomes cookies & bread for me! Liking this:

    I think that I shall never cross
    A poem as lovely as a loss.

    Very good Jack!

  3. Genius! I like the Frost one the best.

  4. Fab! I needed this today, thank you!!!

  5. What can I say Jack? We all clamor for your comments because not only are they insightful, they are usually witty!

  6. I love when you stop by but I'm now working on a new banner because of you, I hate it when your right!....But never stop commenting :-)

  7. I too enjoy and feed off of your "stoppig by".

    And all of my poetry experiece seems to be confined to dirty limericks, so I will leave this playing field all to you.

    Good post, dude.

  8. Love it! And love when you stop by and comment, too!

    Cake and chips...ah, yes. Can't pick a favorite -they both hold a special place on my hips:)

  9. I know I can always count on you for a smile.

  10. You really do have a talent for these parodys, ya know. :) Love it!

  11. Love the Cake and CHips poem.

    I feel so cultured now...:)
    Thanks for the smile.

  12. I always look forward to comments from you. thanks.

  13. Love me some Robert Frost. I think he would approve of your version. If he had any way of knowing what a blog was.

  14. Awww, I thought you meant 'Lit' the band. HA!

  15. Ha ha! Love it!

    I like it when you comment on my posts, too. You're like, blog-famous or something.

  16. ah, weight loss literature scholar! a little class goes a long way :)

  17. You make the most depressing posts I write a little funnier when you comment, so if you run across one of my posts that usually produce uncomfortable silence in most readers, feel free to make a crass me, I'll be laughing.
    Have a good day.
    Oh, and that poem I think that I shall never see, a poem as lovely as a attached to one of my favorite memories. Good choice.

  18. I think that I shall never find
    A blogger better than Jack Sh*t's kind.

    Thanks for your comments, always funny and encouraging, plus you're like a celebrity gracing my blog!

  19. We are reading both of Frost's poems in class, so those CRACKED me up :) Comments from you feel so special, since you're like, a REAL writer :)
    Keep up the great work!!

  20. This makes poetry almost tolerable. Almost.

  21. They are rather lovely poems with your rewrites.

  22. I am getting quite jealous. I have never received a comment from you. I will try to post something exciting to interest you.

    Just kidding...commenting on your blog is enough for me.

  23. I love your comments. Just as much as I loved this post.

  24. Jack, I knew you could see through me and recognize my neediness. Thanks for the comments!!!

  25. I love it all! I'm a huge Robert Frost fan, and while these are fun and silly, you did the poems an odd justice (in a weight loss way.)

  26. I'm also a big fan of Robert Frost, and you have done him proud!

  27. LOVE IT!!! Make sure you stop by my blog tonight...I reached a milestone this weekend!! I rode roller coasters for the first time in 20 years...and I FIT on ALL of them! :)



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