Monday, October 19, 2009

No Reason to be Misérable

I ate ice cream in time gone by,
When weight was high.
To eat was living.
I dreamed that I would never diet.
I dreamed the scale would be forgiving.

Then I was young and not too bright,
And pants were made to be full-waisted.
There were no shirts that weren’t too tight,
And no dessert that went untasted.

Soon the tighter clothes wouldn’t fit.
And with a sound as loud as thunder,
My sweat pants... oh, they ripped apart,
And turned my job interview to shame.

I worked all summer on my weight.
I blogged about the endless wonder
Of putting less food on my plate,
And grew proud of each loss I’d claim.

And now ice cream, it comes to me,
But I can live my life without it.
There’re more important things, you see.
I will stay fit–I do not doubt it.

I have a dream my life will be,
So different from that hell I was living.
So different now from what it seemed,
Now that I don’t scream for ice cream.



  1. "so different from the hell I was living"...

    how come we never realized we were in hell when we were living it??

    There certainly are a whole lot more important things than icecream.. that's for sure. Great song!!

    hey.. how did I end up here first two days in a row????

  2. completely awesome. Thanks for starting my day off on a musical note!

  3. When you said "And now ice cream, it comes to me,But I can live my life without it." I thought "but don't take away my sugar free fudgesicles" lol. Ice cream was always my favorite comfort food and surprisingly I don't miss it. I liked this one, it talked to me *smile*. Hope you're having a good day Jack.

  4. glad to see your still doing the funny Jack.
    I enjoy these types of posts too.
    Have a great day.

  5. Sugar free popsicles have replaced mountains of ice cream. Who would have ever thought?

  6. I LOVE this re-write :D
    just sang it very loudly...quite glad the housemates are away lol.

  7. Brilliant! Thanks, I loved it!

  8. How come you did not apologize to Susan Boyle?

  9. Great rewrite. Are you going to be on Americs's Got Talent any time soon?

  10. Very funny.

    But, seriously, the Susan Boyle video still makes me tear up. I'm such a sap.

  11. @Amos the Lion Heart: I knew it, when I was living it!

    Jack, you're funny.

  12. awww Susan Boyle is such a cutie. It just shows how much looks can leave an impression- but she wins in the end.
    yayyy, good poem & video.

  13. *LMAO* okay so is it bad that I could name that tune without listening...I knew it without prompting...

    *crawls back under all her broadway music*

  14. I hear you Jack... you have done good! I have no doubt that this weight will stay off of you!

  15. Bravo!! Encore!!! Your blog is SRO!! Held over another week due to popular demand!! Have I forgotten anything? Where DO you get all of these ideas? The mind boggles.

  16. Sorry Jack...I hate to say it, but Susan won out over your post today, lol. I've heard about her, but never had the chance to hear her sing. OMG. What talent...totally blown away. I think I cried through half the song!!! Soul stirring stuff.....I loved your version of the song, just like all your songs...but I've replayed her version like 3x now, lol. Thanks for posting it! :)



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