Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Misfit Meets Miz Fit

I blog over here every day and still have time to do a guest spot on Miz Fit's super-fantastic site? You know how it is... juggle, juggle, juggle.

Check it out right here (and check out the rest of her site, too; she's a real wonder woman).


  1. She is a wonder woman and a wonderful woman. I loved your post too. I would love to see a video of you juggling too. Maybe you could do one facing backwards so you could stay annoymous lol.

  2. It's no joke I really enjoy your blog! Here is the quote I left for her:

    "I pride myself in also being able to juggle, and whip out the talent to shock and amuse at times... like my own blog that has a bit of humor, but Jack is a master of juggling and a master of humor with something important snuck in when you're not looking. I guess he is good at magic too!

    At Foolsfitnesssee the magic of cake disapear before your very eyes... into my mouth- Alan"

  3. *chant* we want video, we want video, we want video :)

  4. I saw your post over there & commented about how you are just way too much! Loved it!

  5. awesome post Jack.. great analogy! I want video of you juggling in the spiderman outfit. :)

  6. Truly a master of your art, really enjoying the posts you write, it's refreshing though that your weight loss has come from making things right and not the latest craze. Keep it up!!



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