Monday, November 5, 2012

Tale As Old As Time...

Pants as large as France. 

Big as they can be.

Barely even fits,

Then the rear end splits

Time to make a change.

Small at the very least.

Now that I am focused,

I think I may have noticed,

Booty has decreased.

Never giving up.

Never giving in.

Never eating crap.

Never the last lap;
This race is ours to win. 

Pants not big as France.
Fit me like a glove
Oh-so sweet and fine,
Off-brand Calvin Klein.
Looking great (sort of).

Heading down to goal,
Crappy eating ceased.

Keeping really busy.
Work out ‘til I’m dizzy. 

Booty has decreased.

Keeping really busy.
(Please don’t sue me, Disney) 

Booty has decreased.


  1. I can honestly hear Angela Lansbury singing this!!

  2. This was great! Now that Disney has bought Lucas Films, do we get a Star Wars themed parody?

  3. Now I will have the sound of Angela Lansbury warbling "Pants as big as France" in my head all day long, damnit!

    So can you, by chance, carry a tune? You could go viral on youtube with your song parodies, I gotta say they're hilarious.

  4. I remember this, when i was young i watched it many times. I will never give up, everyone can say this when they want attain their target.



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