Friday, November 9, 2012

All Off Me

Some of me.

Why not lose some of me?

Can’t you see

That I'm so good when I’m fit.

Take my goals.

I want to meet them.

Take these chips

So I won’t eat them.

My good dietin’

Left me with days so tryin’

But I know that I

Am so good when I’m fit.

I lost the mass

That once was my ass.

I’m glad to lose some of me.

Some of you.
Why not lose some of you?
Can’t you see
You’re so good when you’re fit?
Take processed foods,
Try not to eat them.
Trust me now,
You just don’t need them.

Your good diet
If you really try it.
I know that you can
Go on here with less you
Your healthy quest
Will bring out your best.
Baby, take it all from me.


1 comment:

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