Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Hunka Hunka Burnin' Calories

 A hunka hunka burnin' calories... that's what I wish I could claim over the past couple of weeks. Unfortunately, I had to help host a group of out-of-towners to my fair city, and that included plenty of food, drink and... yes... a trip to Graceland.

 Graceland, the home of Elvis Presley, attracts 700,000 visitors a year, and it seems like each of them want me to take them there. What's up with that?

 But Elvis and I do have at least one thing in common: we each have a photo of ourselves in an elaborate frame hanging in our crib.

 And I do have to admit that he has a more decked-out man cave than I do.

 I'm still having bad dreams about this room! 

 But the main take-away I got from my trip to visit the King is that even the fanciest clothes don't make you look good if you're grossly overweight. 

It ain't nothin' but a pound, dawg.

Last week: 241.8 lbs.
Loss: -.6
(No congrats on a loss, please... I had gotten down into the 230's before a week of off-track festivities;
but heading back in right direction now)


  1. LOL! I loved the pics, thank you for sharing them! You look "cool" with sideburns! :)

  2. We loved our vacation to Memphis many years ago. Y'all know how to do BBQ.

  3. Graceland is on my bucket list:)

  4. when I think of ELVIS I immediately crave fried pbutter and nanners...

  5. So true that glitter, bellbottoms, and fancy clothes can't hide bad flesh. Not that I ever tried, mind you. Are you hiding Elivs at your house?



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