Thursday, November 29, 2012

The “Am I Ready for the Holidays?” Quiz

1. You’re at a friend’s house and see a decorative gingerbread house on the table. When left alone in the room, you…

A. Admire the craftsmanship that went into the structure’s design and construction
B. Sneak one of the gumdrops off the roof
C. Unleash “Hurricane Eaty”

2. You’re at the store and notice that they’ve started selling eggnog for the holiday season. You…

A. Pass it by realizing that a nice cup of holiday tea would be healthier
B. Pick up a small carton to help celebrate the season
C. Chug an entire gallon right there in the dairy section

3. You’re out at the mall doing some holiday shopping when you realize that you’re really hungry. You…

A. Eat the healthy snack you packed for just such a contingency
B. Rip open the package Christmas cookies you bought “for the kids”
C. Become the reason for Cinnabon’s record-breaking sales day

4. You’re at a holiday party when you spot a table loaded down with sugary sweets. You…

A. Maneuver yourself away from the tempting treats
B. Take one or two small pieces to satisfy your sweet tooth
C. Pull up a chair and eat until you fall into a sugar coma

5. The average weight gain during the holidays is eight pounds. You…

A. Mindfully track calories and exercise so that you’ll gain less than that
B. Plan to enjoy yourself during the holiday season and lose it back in January
C. Have already gained eight pounds since Thanksgiving. :(

6. You’ve been invited to participate in a Holiday Cookie Exchange. You…

A. Regretfully decline to participate
B. Participate, but give the cookies away at school or work
C. Eat so many that Cookie Monster looks at you and goes “Dayummmmm”


  1. Too many temptations this time of year and it is only going to get worse. Give me the strength :-)

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  3. :-D With my love of cookies - I am the cookie monster!!!!!!!!! Luckily I know portion control!

  4. Number one all the way, of course, Jack. But just to be clear, do "tastes" have calories? Spoonfuls? Cookie dough? rrr. I am not dreading the holiday season. Nope, I am all psyched up to be a really good girl. Honestly, sometimes it crosses my mind when I am tempted by some lame thought like, "Just one cookie won't hurt...", I think of my blogger friends, and how you guys can stay strong. Then I break off just one little piece...

  5. Answering "C" to every question is bad on this quiz, right?

  6. I think the answers are A, B, and C. If I am right do I get a cookie?

  7. Oh, dear. I'm cryin'! :-D I have to share this.



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