Wednesday, November 21, 2012

With Friends Like These...

Devil: You know what would be good right now? An ice cream sammich.

Jack: I really wish you’d put a sock in it.


Jack: I really wish my good angel was still on my other shoulder to balance you out...

Devil: He’s back, dumbass. YO, GOODIE-TWO-SHOES!

Angel: Oh hey.

Devil: What up my brother from an angel mother?

Angel: Just been chilling at Heaven’s 7-11, my Devil dawg.

Jack: You know, you two really aren’t supposed to be friends…

Angel: What’s his problem?

Oh, you know Jack. He’s upset no matter whether he's not losing weight or if he’s gaining weight.

Jack: Y'know. I really could have used some "good angel" help this week…

Angel: I'm more of a "pretty good angel," actually.

Devil: I still don’t see no ice cream sammich in your hand, Big J.

I tell ya… between him telling me to be bad and you telling me… well… nothing, it’s a wonder I have any success at all.

Angel: Hey, excuse me for taking a lil’ vacation, bitch!

Jack: I’m not saying you have to do any heavy lifting, but just a little bit of help now and again…

Devil: You see what I’ve been dealing with?

Angel: Let’s go get some beer and wings.

Devil: Wings! I see what you did there. Man, it’s good to have you back!

Jack: *sigh*


  1. Have a wonderful holiday Jack!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. From the Wizard of Oz: Are you a good witch, or an ice cream sandwich?
    From Little Shop of Horrors: Feed Me, Feed Me!
    From me: Have a lovely holiday that you enjoy guilt-free!



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