Friday, January 31, 2014

Ultimate Healthy Super Bowl Party Tips

• Seven bites of 7-layer dip, followed by 77 dips. 

• Freshly grilled seahawk steaks.

• Instead of beer, serve lite water.

• Line up 10 treadmills side-by-side for guests to use while watching game (don’t worry… after the game you can just dismantle them all and build ONE SUPER TREADMILL!)

• A couple of easy ways to get everyone’s heart rate up is to get all your guests to jog in place for one minute and/or pull the plug from the TV during a really exciting play.

• Cottage cheesecake.

• Make the party BYOBC (“Bring Your Own Bok Choy”)

• Halftime half-marathon.

• Throw flag for “Unhealthylike conduct” any time anyone eats a potato chip.

• Chicago deep-dish air pudding.

• Every time anybody kicks a field goal, everybody does 10 leg lifts.

• Instead of watching the big game, read everyone excerpts from my blog. 


  1. I can't believe January's gone and it's SB time already!
    Nice to see you're still blogging and having fun.
    Here's to hitting your goal and staying there!

  2. Great tips! How is your mojo jo-ing these days?

    1. Been too busy to blog much more than just nonsense this week, but mojo meter leaning more to "mo" than "jo". It's all good!

  3. Go Broncos! Thanks for the tips. I'm thinking that half time half marathon sounds fun!



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