Monday, January 6, 2014

On that Midnight Train to Gorge-Ya

Man, I hate to talk about setbacks and regaining weight…

Just the same way I lost it, I gained it back a little at a time knowing that I was losing small skirmishes and then looking up and realizing I was losing the bigger battle.

Just for the record, eating more and exercising less is a can’t-fail method for weight gaining (unless you’re one of those people I run across from time to time who actually have trouble gaining weight; to those folks, please accept this message in the spirit it was intended:  YOU SUCK!).

Anyway, I’m apparently regressing from well-crafted and entertaining blog content to whatever the hell this is, but it’ll have to do until I get this choo-choo train back on track.



  1. A well-crafted Jack is an enjoyable read, too. Here's to getting your chew-chew back on track in 2014!

  2. You can do it Jack - back to it - consistency has to be there though... Yup, food is unfortunately a huge part of weight loss & that means better choices & less of it.. ;)



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