Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Back to the Drawing Board (And I Can’t Draw!)

But I’ll tell you what I can do…

I can pack a healthy lunch.

I can skip my midday brunch.

I can work and break a sweat.

I can not eat a whole baguette.

I can walk a mile or two.

I can cook a healthy stew.

I can lift a bunch of weights.

I can leave food on my plates.

I can play a lot of basketball.

I can drink a lil’ less alcohol.

I can hold myself accountable

Even when it seems insurmountable.

I can run and I can jog.

I can scribble on this blog.

I can snack on a banana.

You can leave a comment (if you wanna).


  1. I hear ya Jack, I can make one right choice and then make another. It's time I do it!

  2. Y'know, Kim, one right choice and then another... that's just crazy enough to work!

  3. Butt Ox... I'll make some Ox Tail Stew out of him!
    love ya Jack!

  4. Best butt I've seen for a while. Seriously though Jack, love the post :)



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