Thursday, January 23, 2014

Burn, Baby, Burn

I am on fire.

Day after day, I convinced myself I was right on the verge of catching fire, all the while dousing myself with evasions and excuses.

Week after week, I told myself that I was about to catch lightning in a bottle, but constantly found myself empty-handed beneath cloudless skies.

Month after month, I looked in the mirror and said "This is it!" only to come to find that this was most definitely not it.

Today I stand before you. A fire in my belly and lightning-stuffed bottles in both hands.

I hope I can ride it out and keep focusing on positive changes.

I hope I will dig down deep and find the strength to keep pushing forward.

I hope I can finish what I've started.

Fire, untended, will burn only a short while.

I want to keep this blaze going strong.

Burn, baby, burn.


  1. I am right there with you! "Fire, untended, will burn only a short while." Amen, brutha!

    My whole focus for 2014 is "Consistency," I know how to kick ass. I know how to succeed. I know how to set goals and blow them out of the water. What I don't how to sustain it! 2014, bay-beeeee!

    You got this!

  2. Dig deep! Cold weather is not always our friend as the winter stretches on - but the fire will keep you warm!
    Burn it up!

  3. A clear case of "spontaneous human combustion"!

  4. I play Dungeons and Dragons. A couple of times after epic victories we have been incautious enough to say "we're on fire!". Never, ever say that in the hearing of a Dungeon Master with a fireball.

  5. Catching Fire! Love it. I just scooped some coffee bittersweet symphony ice cream for myself, because, hey, I had a bad day. My dear conscience would only let me eat a few spoons and my lucky son got it. (I DID have a hard is snowing like crazy, freezing out, my daughter went off the road...).all is fine now, but my response to stress is: eat. Hot tea instead, I am also ON FIRE!!!! Thanks for the encouragement, and you are not alone!



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