Monday, January 20, 2014

Back to the Bloginning

One step forward.

Two steps back.

This is going to come as somewhat if a shock to you, but that is an approach to your weight-loss goals that won't yield optimum results.

I started this blog over 100 years ago (okay I'm guessing about that; I'm too lazy to go back and look it up) and I feel like I've said everything there is to say about the subject of weight loss.

Sometimes, I've talked the talk and walked the walk.

Other times, I’ve talked the talk and walked over to the pantry to get some more chips.

Yesterday I was good.

Today I’m being good.

Tomorrow I’ll be good.

Good for me.


  1. If you are gonna step back and forward like that just throw on some salsa music and turn it into a cardio dance work out. That'll show that mean scale who is boss. :-)

  2. oh I like what Kim said -- and I feel ya, I was a bariatric coordinator for awhile and I totally talked the talk and sometimes walked the walk -- now I'm doing something different and not quite on the ball as I once was...but such is life.

  3. Today is the day. Awareness, support, honesty--and another good day behind. Always cheering for you, sir. And I'm right here with you...

  4. I think those who always walk their talk are pretty rare, or else they're just talking about taking a nap and calling the pizza delivery guy.

    Sounds like you're back on track, congrats!

  5. I hate even two forward and one back, but being human it happens. Don't give up and we can't fail. Keep on having good days!!!



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