Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Every chubbo boy and girl
All around the chubbo world,
Gonna do the slimbo game.
Gonna slimbo up their frame.

Jack be slimbo, Jack be quick,
Jack gonna do his slimbo schtick
All around the slimbo clock
Time to get his slimbo back.

Slimbo lower now.
Slimbo lower now.
How low can you go?

First you eat a little less.
Then you work out to excess.
Slimbo ankoslimbonail.
See success upon the scale.

Jack be slimbo, Jack be good.
Jack gonna act just like he should.
All the live-long slimbo day.
Hey, let's live the slimbo way!

La, la, la
La, la, la
La, la, la

Put yourself in slimbo shoes.
Hey now, what you got to lose?
Chubbo thoughts up in your head?
Live the slimbo life instead.

Jack be slimbo, you be too.
Jack can do it, so can you.
All around this slimbo land,
Hey, let's take a slimbo stand!

Hey, no matter who you are,
You can be a slimbo star!
How low can you go?


  1. I saw your comments on Sean's blog and decided to come see you - like I told him, it sucks that we have all slid back, but its nice to have some familiar faces to fight this battle with again. We'll all get there and hopefully this time we'll hold each other accountable so we won't have to meet this way every couple of years.



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