Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ways Losing Weight is Like Back to School

Welcome to "Same Old Sh*t" Saturday, where I show my commitment to "blogging green" by recylcing old posts. I thought this one was timely seeing how most of our kids have gained about 40 lbs (if my daughter Holly's backpack is any indication). But look on the bright side: only 280 or so days until summer vacation!
  • Carefree days are over.

  • Getting into new clothes soon.

  • People noticing you’ve changed a lot since they last saw you.

  • Kind of scary and exciting at the same time.

  • Causes big change in your routine.

  • It’s important to learn subtraction.

  • You know the weeks to come are gonna bring plenty of tests.

  • You’re just not sure where all the time went.

  • It’s easier to get started if you have a plan.

  • This year, you know it’s going to be harder than last year.

  • Success comes when you do all your work and assignments.

  • Chance to make new friends.

  • Endless new possibilities.

  • Hate that you have to get up to the same old thing every day.

  • It’ll be better if you get organized.

  • It’s a small comfort to know lots of others are going through same thing.


  1. Well, I've never been one to want to go back to school... but if I must, and I must, I'm eating the apple I brought for teacher; she can have that cafeteria death tray,

  2. You're so "green" Jack. Good for you.

  3. Cool. I love the "It's important to learn subtraction" one. :)

  4. Having a plan - what? Had to laugh at the planning comment - I once had a teaching colleague walk into our office after a class and exclaim that things really do go better when you have a (lesson) plan. It's sad, but true ;D.

  5. Great analogy, Jack! Two of my kids are in college and one's a teacher so the back-to-school excitement is in full swing here at the Castle.



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