Thursday, August 12, 2010

Jack & Anita

“Hey, Anita,” I said to my wife as she walked into the kitchen. “How’s your sister?”

“Fine,” replied Anita. “She noticed the new earrings you got me for my birthday.”

“Oh,” I said. “What’d she have to say about ‘em?”

“Oh, she said ‘Those must be real diamonds.’”

“Yeah,” I smiled. “But how could she tell?”

“Because,” smiled Anita, “She said no one buys fake diamonds that small.”

“Ouch,” I winced.

“Speaking of gifts,” she said. “Why aren’t you wearing that new belt I got you?”

“I dunno,” I said, cracking open a tub of yogurt. “It’s kinda flashy. I don’t really like being too flashy.”

“It’s brown,” she remarked.

“Maybe if it was dark brown,” I said, dropping a handful of raisins in the yogurt. “Besides, I like my belt.”

“But look at that thing,” she laughed. “How many holes have you poked in it with a screwdriver?”

“I dunno,” I shrugged. “I haven’t really been keeping count.”


“No, more like seven,” I corrected her.

“How’s tomorrow’s blog post coming?”

“I gotta killer idea. I’m gonna go on a hilarious crazy-mad rant about things I hate like teeny-tiny serving sizes and fat people in little scooters I was gonna call it ‘The Jack of All Tirades’…”

“Don’t quit your day job.”

“Hey, I think it’s pretty good…”

“No, I mean we just got our property tax bill,” she replied. “For God’s sake, please don’t quit your day job.”


  1. I agree! Guest post!!!

    You guys sound like the perfect pair :)

  2. I like your belt, too.

  3. Why do I feel like this was an actual transcribed conversation?

  4. ha ha very cute! I would have liked the scooter tirade though... :)

  5. OK, so I took you creativity blog seriously and posted

  6. I like Anita.

    Now we need some more insight into your Trophy Belt.

  7. My husband put the extra 7 holes in his belt there with a drill. ;)

  8. scooter tirades are so last week.

  9. I agree! Guest Post! And that belt is like a badge of should keep wearing it!

  10. dont forget with all those holes if the end gets to long you can always trim it off and keep on rocking ;-p

  11. I like your wife! She keeps you on your feet, does she not?

  12. Is a hole in a belt like a notch on the bedpost?

    Just wondering....


  13. Adorable couple. I wanna see the new belt.

    Would it be too mean to brag that our property tax bill is $2500? I heart Colorado ;)

  14. Ouch indeed! I'm sure those earrings are lovely and that your girl smiles every time she looks at them in the mirror. :)

  15. She sounds SMART. I love her! Lol. Thanks again for keeping it real. DAY 28 BABY !!! <3

    hugs and sh*t,

  16. Frame the belt and wear the new one :)
    Make you both happy :)

  17. Love it!!! Lets see a pic of the belt!!!!! :)

  18. Need to see the belt. It is motivational!

  19. We want to see the belt!!!

    Guest post from Anita would be really nice too.

  20. you are very lucky to have Anita..but I'm sure she feels the same way about you, i know that we are all lucky we found you Jack! Now throw out that old belt and wear the new one with PRIDE, THAT'S AN ORDER, I may be short but I've been lifting weights ;-)

  21. Jack, I'd like to see a picture of the current(old) belt next to the new, nicer, flashier, fit-correctly belt. Put a tape measure between them and see how much longer the old belt is than the new belt. I bet it's a fantastic number!

  22. Pretty funny, there, Jack! Vee at

  23. Love the pic!!!!!

    Not giving up the belt cause it keeps you accountable to where you once were???



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