Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Fight to the Death? I Don't Think So...

Weekly weigh-in: 211.0
Loss: -4.2
Total loss: -81.0
Emotion: Rarin' to go

When I began this journey, I think I very much looked at it like a literal battle, a fight to the finish where I would wage war with my inner demons and work to endure through a lifetime of day-to-day skirmishes, scrapes and struggles.

One of the most helpful aspects of blogging is that it really does force you to gaze deep within yourself as you reason through the why's and wherefore’s of this business. Simply put, it’s difficult to write regularly about your journey without learning something meaningful about yourself along the way.

And it occurred to me that this odyssey we’re on isn't a fight at all. It’s not about thrashing with temptation day in and out. Not about storming the gates or marshaling the resources.

This is about the transformation of our bodies, spurred by the fundamental transformation of how we think, how we live, who we are.

This is about accepting responsibility for our choices and refusing to sit on the sidelines while those around us enjoy their lives.

Just because we’ve spent far too long in dark places doesn’t mean we don’t deserve our day in the sun.

This is your opportunity to make radical, positive change in your life and yourself, and I encourage you to join me in embracing the challenge.

This isn't a combat detail.

It's a rescue mission.


  1. Does this mean no more thumb wars? I really liked the thumb wars :(

    Seriously, though, you've nailed it yet again. It's definitely time to get radical with the changes (like, totally, dude).

  2. Thank you thank you THANK YOU for making this distinction! I have never liked the "war" analogy when it comes to making our bodies heathy! As I like to say, if we view this as a struggle, as a battle to be fought, that's exactly what we'll get. And there will be collateral damage...

  3. Decisions are first made in the mind...
    The body merely follows...
    So now we rebuild those ships we burned so long ago -
    And/or swim out from our desert island castaway -
    And return to the land of the living!

  4. Oh great, now I'm singing 'Rescue Me' over and over!!!!

  5. Oh YES! Beautifully said...That's EXACTLY what I am doing...stopping the struggle, the fight, the war........GOOD JOB JACK!

  6. A 4 pound loss.... Congrats!!!!

  7. I needed this so much today. I could hug you! Congrats on the 4 pounds. :)

  8. WHOA! What a great loss this week! Very "Manly" of you Jack. I get so jealous of the big numbers that you men drop! lol Congrats!

  9. Great job Jack on getting back on track! I embrace the challenge every workout & hope to continue as I age! Great post!

  10. Fab loss this week Jack! YAY YOU:)

    I think that's the "switch" or "lightbulb" most people look for. Eating carrots instead of fudge is not a punishment, its an act of kindness to yourself.

    Thanks for the reminder!

  11. Great job on the loss and thanks for another daily dose of motivation!

  12. Sometimes it's a battle, sometimes it's a day for fun, sometimes it's long and slow and hard and somedays it's easy. I like this post.
    good job on your four pounds. My weightloss lately has gone unreasonably well.
    Had three months of 3 lb losses and have now lost 4.5 lbs in two weeks. That is a wee bit strange but I will take it.

  13. Hmmmm....I've always referred to it as combat...but I think I like rescue mission much better...thanks for the new angle Jack. :)

  14. This makes me cry. For reals. A rescue mission is the perfect metaphor.

    Thank you.


  15. How was high fiving a hobo 1 lb ago? Congrats on the BIG weight loss...

  16. Hi there! You probably get more blog awards than you can shake a stick at, but I thought I'd add one more :-) Your blog is so inspiring to me! thanks for your humor and wisdom!

  17. Totally more of a rescue than a war! Great analogy and thought train.

    Congrats on the loss!

  18. You're so right, Jack. It does feel like a battle till the death sometimes though.

  19. Well Said.

    Without my blog I wouldn't have worked on some of my weight issues, and continue to work on.

    Keep up the good losses.

  20. so true - we can't make ourselves or food the enemy - we have to live with both!

  21. rescue mission? smear the black paint under my eyes, we're going in. at least i hope it's black paint...

  22. "This isn't a combat detail.
    It's a rescue mission."

    I LOVE that!!!

  23. Nice work losing the huckleberry ice cream pounds!



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