Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Catch Me (If You Can)

Today if you want to read my regular rambling, you’re going to have to chase me down over at MizFit’s cardio castle. A link? You want a link? Waitaminute… lemme see if I’ve got one around here...

Okay, there you go. But now you owe me one…

So since you apparently owe me one, I’d like you to help me with another big project I'm cooking up. I'd like to compile a list of the 100 “best” fitness and weight-loss blogs out here, kind of a launch pad for folks just getting started on their journey. Which sites are your go-to ones and why? Which ones do you find providing you more of what you really need on a regular basis? Which ones rock the hardest?

I've got my own ideas, but I'd like to hear what you've got to say. Leave a comment here or shoot me an email at jacksh.tgettinfit@gmail if you’d like. You can send it along with your W.I.D.T.H. pic (*hint hint*).


  1. Nice idea Jack... My daily blog habit is fed by YOU..Truth 2 being fit with Jody....Fit to the finish ...the rest are when they pop up in my reader...MizFit...Becoming a Thinner, Sexier Me and Living Active with Salina Lyn.. In Pursuit of my Inner Pin up with Rapunzel, Confessions of a Compulsive Eater and TONS of others, not all fitness and weight loss blogs...but these are my TOPS in that category.. WHY??? because they help motivate or they are just like me and I can relate. If they lived in town, I would want them to be my friends.....AND.. I LOVE finding NEW, smaller blogs, just starting out..because I like making NEW friends so I am LOOKING forward to the list this post creates...Thanks

  2. Oh I would love to make that top 100 list but while I started out thinking I'd only write about weight loss - I have seemingly ended up talking more about life...marriage, kids, puke and poop, body parts and Martha Stewart my co-worker and Explosive Toilet Man - another co-worker...mixed in with monthly fitness and weight loss goals. YOU, Jack, are #1 on that top 100 list though! Keep on keeping on and be well.

  3. MrsFatass Because she's FUNNY, sensitive, and honest.
    MizFit because she juggles, is buff and has maintained.
    Fit to the Finishbecause so many maintenance people comment there too, and she ALWAYS reciprocates on comments. Still don't know how she does that.
    266 because LOOK at her pictures man. Holy cow.
    500 in 2010 because I need a bit of competition to get going and dailymile isn't a blog. Also because they warn you about things. Like runners' diarrhea. Or getting new shoes every 300 miles.

  4. Ow. Now my eyes hurt. Thanks a lot Jack.

  5. 100 “best” fitness and weight-loss blogs - another great idea. Email on the way...

  6. Sounds like a great idea Jack! Obviously yours has to be on the list :) My go-to's are you, TJ's Test Kitchen, The Anti-Jared, Prior Fat Girl, I Don't Want to Die of a Heart Attack at 25, and well I am going to throw my own Not Just Celery in there too!

  7. Great idea Jack.....

    Well-Rounded Woman is a new fave of mine. She is like an echo of what goes on in my head!

  8. I like *bitchcakes*. Her blog led me here. And I love that you have a thousand links on your sidebar. I hope you're not taking them down.

  9. great idea- email on the way.... :)

  10. I would imagine many of mine are the same as everyone else's:
    Mrs Fatass
    Real Fat
    Journey Beyond Survival
    A Deliberate Life
    A Merry Life
    and hmmm...wasn't there one more?...some guy who thinks he's funny and always has something sh*tty to say...oh that's right: Jack Sh*t

    someday I hope to be good enough to make the list...I will keep working on it!

  11. Just got back from reading your MizFit post - you are just as amazing over there as you are over here, whodathunk it?!

    I am my own superhero, does priorfatgirl work for my name?

    Can't wait to read your list!

  12. I love Mid-Life Swimmer's blog. She is open and honest, and encouraging. She gave me the courage to get into a bathing suit. Rock on

  13. how many calories did i burn chasing you over at mizfit!?

    email with my suggestions and finally my w.i.d.t.h pics!

  14. JourneyBeyondSurvival totally stole my list! Mrs. Fatass because she's funny AND real.
    MizFit because she's living it, the "it" I want to live, and gives lots of useful information about it.
    Escape from Obesity because she stuck around when things got tough and lived to tell the tale

    There are so many I can't pick, but those are a few!

  15. How to choose just 100 when there are so many good ones? Bah!

    On another note, Prior Fat Girl is a dope superhero name Jen.

  16. My blog! LOL. No seriously. I am my biggest cheerleader.
    I also love priorfatgirl. I read it everyday.
    Your blog just because. That, and I love your picture posts.
    Alltheweigh because of how much she's accomplished.
    Sean Anderson's blog too, because he's come such a long way.

  17. Make no mistake, I think there's more than 100 "best" blogs. It's just that all the big lists out there are pretty dated.

    I'd also like to do other lists to recognize some blogs that deserve more attention than they've gotten so far.

    And quit suggesting my blog; it's more about scrapbooking than weight loss!

  18. While I'm just starting out with mine, I do try to keep a nice list going in my links. Anti-Jared is the best!

  19. You might like @sweating_it_off. Not sure of the link, but he has it on Twitter. Our blog is always good too!

  20. I agree that a lot of lists are outdated. It's always nice to get fresh lists since people come and go so often in the weight loss blog world. *tear*

    Can you make a separate scrapbooking blog list? Because I would love to read such a thing.

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. This is great, Jack! I'm loving all the great blogs I'm finding in the comments!

  23. Mizfit, Did I just eat that out loud, TJ, um, mine, teehee, ok, Tricia oh, what's hers called endurance isn't only physical? Jewlia Goulia. Fit This Girl. Half of Jess. Celery in the City. Journey Beyond Survival. yes, I am forgetting many, but those are just off the top of my head.

  24. OH, I forgot antijared! How could I forget Tony?
    Inweighovermyhead because she's so honest & raw.
    Spunkysuzi just because she's great!

    And yeah, I like ur blog. What's wrong with suggesting it?

  25. YOU!
    Prior Fat Girl - keeps me going back for more
    Mrs. Fat Ass - a riot and real
    Live, Smile, Run - Syl is really sweet
    My Journey to Fit: A Forty-Something's Weight Loss Journey -ok, now, I am enjoying reading some over 40 people, some of these young things are too hip for this 45 yr. old mama
    That's it for now, I am SURE there will be more in my head as I am falling asleep and the computer has been shut off.

  26. Sorry, I just read that you chided us for mentioning bad.
    Wouldn't want to mistake the scrapbook for a blog.

  27. I think your list of weight loss blogs is a great idea. New to reading your blog but you crack me up!

  28. "Well, since you ask" she demurely and modestly said, "I would feel awkward to suggest MY OWN ROCKIN' SITE, so I'd like to refer you to the site my TWIN SISTER writes." You know, that raucously funny, pithy, succinct, fresh, spanky fitness advice column at I also like JewelaGoulia and Prior Fat Girl. Sha bam!

  29. katdoesdiets is a daily stop for me. Great content and the person behind the site has been an incredible motivator for me. can't wait to see a list, these blogs keep me going since mine is mainly just a ramble of my life.

  30. My current favorite health/fitness/healthy eating/ life blog is The Fitnessista ( because she is down to earth, and posts lots of workouts (with explanations!) and many tips on healthy eating. She is human and super motivating! I also adore

    *Oh She Glows
    *Heather Eats Almond Butter
    *The Great Fitness Experiment
    *MizFit (who doesn't love her???)

    Those are all super motivating for me :O)

  31. Bella On The Beach
    The Tippy Toe Diet
    Amos The Lion Horse (

    the usuals..MizFit, You, and i'm sure i've forgotten a few. SO looking forward to this list!!

  32. Great idea Jack. Love reading your blog! As an avid blog reader I've thought about what my favourite healthy living/fitness/ weight loss blogs are from my Reader. Each up date regularly, which as a a reader I appreciate.

    They motivate and inspire me. They don't just rattle off 'heres what I ate today'in a boring fashion. They write with personality and at times give an insight into their lives. These are the ones I look forward to reading the most (in no particular order):

    *Jen @ Prior Fat Girl (
    *Oh She Glows (
    *Food, Fitness, Fashion (
    *Jags Fitness Blog (
    *Healthy Tipping Point (
    *Love, Veggies and Yoga (

  33. Well, I think my blog's pretty kickass (, even though I'm making a baby right now, I WILL be losing major poundage after the baby arrives!
    My other faves:
    *Loser For Life (
    *Results Not Typical Girl (
    *Prior Fat Girl (
    *Roni's Weigh
    *B*tch Cakes

  34. Wow, I feel kinda cool cuz I've read just abou every blog that others have mentioned here. Wish I had more time to comment on all the wonderful bloggers out there. I draw inspiration from all of them but my favorites and ones I peek in on a daily basis:

    Roni's Weigh
    Escape from Obesity
    A deliberate life --love me some Chris
    Miz Fit -- well, cuz she's incredibly fit!
    Bitch Cakes
    TJ's Test Kitchen
    Finding Radiance
    Danica's Daily
    Kaitlyn's Kitchen
    Rapunzel (love her vintage pics and recipes)
    Yum Yucky!
    Journey Beyond Survival

    All of these woman inspire me to eat better, and move more oh and Syl at Live, Laugh, Smile motivated me to jog.

    oh, and then there's me cuz I motivate myself each and every day to get out there and move...

    Great idea in listing these great blogs.



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