Monday, June 7, 2010

Please Don’t Read This

I apologize, but today's post is just for me to read. I'll have something for you tomorow most likely, but today I need to talk to my own bad self. Sorry about that, but you really need to leave now.



Make like a tree and get outta here. If you got that Back to the Future reference, then go here for an awesome clip.

Okay... has everyone cleared out? Good.


Jack Jack Jack.

You had your fun and you had some more fun, but now’s the time for you to stop acting like you don't know any better and start bringing the intensity to this journey again. It's time for you to be Jack F'n Sh*t.

Here’s some inconvenient truth’s that you seem to have forgotten, my friend…
  • Free samples at the grocery store aren’t free of calories, dumbass.

  • Farting around on an elliptical machine for a half hour isn’t going to cut it anymore.

  • The NBA playoffs has been going on for roughly two years now. You don’t really need to watch every game. Why don’t you go for a run instead?

  • You can’t read and comment on every blog in the world. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing, but use your time wisely.

  • The scale’s not the end-all, be-all of this journey, but when the number’s are consistently rising, it’s time to shake things up a little.

  • Wine will keep for a few days; you don’t have to finish the bottle every time you crack one open.

  • Quit buying granola, at least until you learn to exhibit a little more self-control.

  • Writing down what you eat – everything you eat – generally makes you eat less.

  • Grapes aren’t some magic calorie-free snack, numb-nuts!

  • Scrape leftovers off Pisa’s plate into the dog bowl or the trash, not into your own mouth, how about it?

  • DirectLife Coach Jen wants you to incorporate more activity into your day; let’s try it her way and see what happens.
Jack, you’ve accomplished quite a lot in the last year and change. I say that not for you to get a big head (that can affect your weigh-in, you know) or to make you think you’re done pushing yourself past milestones. This isn’t a there-and-done journey, buddy. We’re in this for the long haul.

There’s a lot of folks that stop by here looking for a little inspiration.

It’s time to start providing it.


  1. Ah, sorry but with post titled "please don't read this" I had to read it. I'm kinda rebellious that way. We're not just here for inspiration, though that's nice, we're here for to offer support too. So quit farting around on the elliptical and get to it!! :)

  2. I didn't skedaddle, obviously. Or scoot. Tell me to bugger off if you want......

    I stop by here for your inspiration, but also for the fact that you are normal, and human and not perfect.

    And for the fact like it looks like you are not ever gonna give this getting healthy shit up.

    Which is good. xx

  3. As we share the same name (I am Jac too!) I had to read it as you are talking to me also!

    Thanks, Jack...I needed this too!

  4. Ha! How typical that I find you, and begin to follow you, on a day that you tell me to p**s off! Well that's not gonna work on me. Hell no!
    Next time I need to be slapped around verbally, I'm coming back for your help...
    Love the before and after pics by the way. I have before and during photos. "After photos" are many months away, but the ride is still awesome.

  5. granola and blog-tending are not good for me either. Like you said--in moderation.

    Back in the saddle and you are still providing inspiration. You are human and that's good to see.

  6. Does it feel like you just ate a turd?

  7. Didn't listen to you by skedaddling. lalalalala

  8. Jack.. good stuff. The fact that you got real with yourself & did not stay on the treadmill of denial shows that you are in for the long haul!

    I can tell you from experience that it is the long haul... I have been & always will be a work in progress.. a post I did a few months back.

    Now, I know you told us to get lost but do I have a workout for you! :-)

  9. Since I didn't read this post, this isn't a message for Jack - that we like him better when he's less of a perfectionist and doesn't always follow the rules.

    Nice that he's honest about it though.


  10. Ummmm... I can relate. I think you just stole my post actually :) Not exactly, you are always funnier than I... I should work on that.

    You can do it Jack! We're all cheering for you :)

  11. Didn't read it I swear, just thought you should know that you are awesome!

  12. Granola is the tool of the devil!

  13. I read it and needed it. Thanks

  14. That beginning remonded me of that old Sesame Street classic: "There's a Monster at the End of this Book"

    I didn't stop reading that book when GRover told me to stop and I didn't stop reading this post when Jack told me to stop. I figured that what he had to say to himself was probably somethign I needed to hear, too.

    And it was.

    Thanks, Jack for the reminder taht no matter how far you've come (and how quickly you've done it), there's still more to do.

    Rock it.

  15. Haha! Funny video. Thanks! Jack, I don't care if you weigh 205 or 305 or whatever. I would still think you're a lovely man with a big heart and fabulous sense of humor.

    But you seem to WANT that lower weight, for yourself. So I'm here to support you on that. More food does not equal more least not in the long run, not for you. Be good to yourself.


  16. I've been feeling the same way lately. Just cruising along, numbers going up and down and averaging about the same from week to week. Can't figure out why I can't get my groove back.

  17. I loved that Biff video when I found it - my husband and sang parts of it for weeks. Which makes no sense to anyone who has never heard it. Anyhow, I think that in keeping with the Back to the Future theme, you should just start referring to yourself as "butthead" whenever you find yourself near to eating something you shouldn't or sitting around instead of working out. Or better yet, get someone else to call you it. Then at least you get some extra activity in when you hit them. I think DirectLife Coach Jen would approve.

  18. We can do this Jack- let's go! :)

  19. a little reality-check to self is always good, and in order for all of us.....thanks for the reminder!

  20. Why are all these people commenting on something they haven't read? Weird.

  21. I'm almost afraid to comment because then you'll know I peeked. Anyway, I think I should just insert my name where it says Jack. Thanks for all the reminders!

  22. Well, I wasn't going to read it, but then I saw the comments. Since everyone else read it, I did too.

    Thanks for being real.

  23. I read it....I have no self-control. You still provide much needed motivation but this post was great for reminding me that I need to talk to myself about my journey...and not just the blog.

    Thank you!

  24. 1.) I didn't read any of that because you asked us to leave. Got it? Ahem. Right.

    2.) I loved this: Wine will keep for a few days; you don’t have to finish the bottle every time you crack one open. Yes indeed.

    3.) I loved the comment you left on "did I just eat that out loud" the other day. I think I may plagerize a few things you said there someday.

  25. Granola is evil. So is Panda licorice and cashews. I try to use the checkouts with chocolate instead of licorice. But it calls to me. I'm stronger if I'm not looking at it. Siiigh.

    You'll find your balance. Keep seeking. Like I told ya, I've maintained for 2 1/4 years now. No size changes. It can be done. You can do it, too. I know. :)

  26. Yeah, I had fun not reading your blogpost and I agree that granola is the devil as some others said. ;) It was a good post.

  27. And now I must go watch those movies again. It's times like these I wish I owned a treadmill, so I could watch and walk.

    I'll have to share that wine tip with my husband, he doesn't seem to get that either. ^.^

  28. Sorry. I know it's rude to read over someone's shoulder, but weren't you really talking to me?

  29. I had to read. You took the words right outta my mind.

  30. Don't tease me like that. Of course I'm going to read everything you publish here. You are my light relief and my inspiration so you can't hide from me.

    If I can pull myself together, and I'm a lot older than you, almost decrepit, You Will Too.

  31. thanks for this post, Jack. It was just the thing I needed. I needed to hear this today.

  32. Needed this! THANK YOU!

    (And yes, it's definitely time to start getting serious about this sh*t! Mission:ACCEPTED!)



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