Friday, June 25, 2010

Where There's a W.I.D.T.H., There's a Way

If you're new to these parts (and I'm guessing there's a few guests courtesy of a very nice write-up on That's Fit), this is a feature where I post photos submitted by folks who jot down the reason (or a reason) that they're on this journey to lose weight or to become more fit. There aren't really any rules or restrictions, no directions or deadlines. Email whatever you come up with to


  1. Very nice! Love the kids, LOL! Rick's link is not working on my side of the screen:(

  2. Hey...that's me!! How did you get that?!?! Were you snooping around in my photos again Jack???? Oh Jack!!

  3. Oh XOXO Suzi & Foodie McBody! Lots of new peeps for me to go and cheer on as well! :) LOVE IT!

  4. I want to hug Rick @ Fat Bastard



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