Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Excuses For Not Exercising Today

  • “Didn’t eat my Wheaties.”
  • “That old guy at the gym that looks just like Popeye creeps me out.”
  • “Currently using exercise DVD as a coaster; don’t want glass to leave water ring on the furniture.”
  • “Worried that my gym might be haunted.”
  • “Spilled my energy drink. Now low on energy…”
  • “Still on hold with Comcast.”
  • “Spandex pants are still out on the clothesline.”
  • “My little Wii Fit fellow looks sad.”
  • “Already worked out one day in a row this week. What am I, a machine?”
  • “Still embarrassed after falling off elliptical last week.”
  • “Mirrors at the gym make me look 20 lbs. heavier.”
  • “This episode of Dexter that I DVRed isn’t going to watch itself…”
  • “Don’t want to let go of any of my precious, precious sweat.”
  • “Way behind on my catalog browsing.”
  • “Pulled a muscle changing smoke alarm battery.”
  • “Personal trainer looked at me funny last time I was there.”
  • “Dog poo still on running shoes…”
  • “Can’t find my lucky workout socks.”
  • “I’m feeling a little H1N1y”
  • “Dog ate my heart rate monitor.”
Whenever I hear people’s excuses for not exercising, they generally sound just about as lame as these. Do yourself a favor and GO GET YOUR SWEAT ON!


  1. Luckily I found my lucky workout socks!

    Time to go..........

  2. I keep trying to get my dogs to eat my heart rate monitor but they refuse. Damn, I guess I'm going to have to exercise yet again today.Curses on you, curses on you I say!!!


  3. I love your in the face messages! Get up, move the feet & just do it! It does not have to be life shattering but doing something is better than not! Keep pushing the message Jack! It is not rocket science & there is no magic pill.. you have to just do it! It takes effort & hard work but the payoff is your health & life!

  4. Just having those weekly numbers down the right hand side make me want to put on my running shoes Jack, your words are just the icing on the (oh no don't mention the c word!!! ) low cal fruit bar, whew nearly slipped up there!

  5. my dog at my shoes :-)
    alright jack, thanks for the kick in the butt, I have my run on Saturday and I wouldn't want to disappoint your INSANE time that you picked for me :-)

  6. Well, the at least the Dexter one is TOTALLY VALID.

    Don't judge me!


  7. But my shoes are only good for so many miles (according to the running shop) and with money running tight I have to save the miles so I don't have to go buy new exercise shoes. :)

  8. I've been sat here all day trying to think of an excuse not to go to Spin class tonight, you've just given me the required kick to get my fat ass there! Thanks :)

  9. The maid at the hotel I stayed at over the weekend threw away my neoprene shorts, and I BRIEFLY considered not doing cardio b/c of it (big thigh chafing mess of a man right here), but I did anyway.

    I can relate to the Comcast one though, what a bunch of f*cktards.

  10. I love that excuse: the TV won't watch itself.

    I'm roaring!

  11. “Still embarrassed after falling off elliptical last week.”

    uumm this actually happened to me. :( My nickname is booboo. I never got back on it. lol

  12. I am feeling a little flu-y but I will try to at least get something in for activity....most likely the new Wii Fit plus (and my pudgy Mi!!)
    Thanks Jack...if anyone I know reads this then they're all going to know my new excuses *LOL*

  13. I'm still using the whole "trick knee" thing for the time being. Working like a charm, at least til I get the replacement. :)

  14. if only the gym mirrors made me look 20 lbs heavier than my ideal weight! I'd be back for more in a heartbeat!
    And I'm not always in front of a DVD or on a machine, but those days, I make sure to get at least a 2-3 mile walk in, I think those qualify!

  15. I'm going to the hairdresser tomorrow so cant train...that's my excuse!!!

  16. but...I hate water rings.

    How's about, the little shop owner who was supposed to sew on my girl scout daisy troop badges had me take every single flippin one out of their industrial strength wrapping and tape them, petal by petal, onto the EXACT PLACE i WANTED THEM SEWN and a half hours later...I was finished....
    insert scream here.

  17. Man, the Comcast one would be funny if it wasn't so true.

  18. You forgot "I'm too busy eating"...

  19. THIS is the post I wanted to link back to last week when I wrote mine on excuses. I knew you had one in you :)

  20. Hilarious. Just yesterday I was mad because I couldn't find my tennis shoes to workout. So I did it barefoot! I knew that if I let myself miss one day it would snowball...and actually it felt kind of awesome to jump around without shoes!

  21. I'm going with, "It's raining and cold and the gym doesn't have covered parking."

    Unfortunately, I have a treadmill, cardio step, and weights at home. Looks like I'm stuck with a workout. Darn. :)

  22. What about "It's colder than a witch's tit outside and I don't want to freeze"??

    Great post! :)


  23. "I would, but I'm really comfortable on the couch and won't be able to get back into perfect position again." That's mine. ;)

  24. Aw shit, Jack Sh*t - I can't think of a funnier one than you have here other than I'm holding down the couch so it doesn't float away. Seriously.

  25. "Got up too late and you can't go to the gym for less than 60 minutes. Even 59 would be pointless."

  26. I couldn't find my lucky Pilates toe socks yesterday and I haven't had a pedicure in 6 weeks! Damn it!!!

    Oh well, bare feet it was!

  27. But I DO feel a little H1N1! Wahhhhh! I've been under the weather since Friday and so so so sad. I can't work out. I can barely get through the day. This feel SO un-ME, and I can't take it! AGHHHHH!

  28. Your list made my hubby laugh as he is annoyed while he works on the laptop. You're always good for a chuckle!!

  29. Don't want to let go of any of my precious precious sweat. LOVE that one.

  30. GAH. Everyone in the blogosphere is telling me to work out today, I take that as a sign, off I go!

  31. my gym is haunted with hotties...
    i did almost fall off the elliptical watching said hotties... *sigh*

  32. Damn...the flu doesn't count? Oops.

  33. I've actually used the excuse about my exercise clothes still on the clothesline. Teehee. How sad for me.


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