Sunday, December 20, 2009


Weekly weigh-in: 202.2
Loss: -1.8
Total loss: 89.3 lbs.
Emotion: Galloping forward

Once upon a time, way back when, my not-yet-wife Anita and I went to this stable at a nearby park to take some horses out on a trail ride. These decrepit old beasts were in pretty sorry shape, and truth to tell, so was I.

They gave me Rusty, a large brown horse (Anita thinks there are all different “kinds” of horses, silly woman). I felt kind of bad sitting on his back actually, because I felt like I probably weighed just as much as he did.

Anyway, I managed to clumsily saddle up, and we started down the trail. Rusty plodded his way sure-footedly down the familiar path. It was a gorgeous summer day, but you could tell that neither of our hearts was much in the day’s adventure.

Anita was going on and on about how poor the horses were being kept and how crappy the equipment was while I was concentrating on two things and two things only: (1) trying to keep from making Rusty mad and (2) trying not to fall off.

We’d been out for quite some time, and I was starting to feel like I might just survive the outing, when suddenly, ol Rusty’s ears perked up and he started trotting.

“Wha?” I said, shocked that my zombie mount had suddenly sprung back to life. “Slow down, big fella.”

But Rusty didn’t slow down; he actually broke into a spirited gallop and I held on for dear life, though my portly ass was bouncing unmercifully on the hard saddle.

We turned the corner and I saw what Rusty knew from a lifetime of experience was just ahead: the barn… and quittin’ time.

I weighed in at a bit over 202 this morning, and folks… I know in my heart the barn is just up ahead.

My energy’s spiking with turbo-charged enthusiasm and my eating’s been spot-on despite a veritable minefield of holiday temptations. I have no doubt that I’ll be jumping the fence to 199 in the not-too-distant future.

It’s a pretty big deal for me, because I’ve wracked my brains and I simply can’t remember ever standing on a scale and not seeing the number start with “2” (and in the last twenty years, it’s been a whole lot closer to starting with a “3” than with a “1”).

I was worried that December might provide some annoying detours on my weight-loss journey, but so far… well, I’ve managed to stay in the saddle.

Here’s hoping you and your family have the most joyous holiday season imaginable.

I’ll be taking some time off from the office, but I’ll still be around here. After all, I’ve got a little work left to do.

And how do I plan on celebrating the new year?

I’m going to Onederland!


  1. That is so great Jack, you will be seeing 1's in no time!

  2. Great stuff. Any plans to be reunited with rusty or some other nag in the near future?

  3. You're having an amazing December! You'll be a member on "onederland" in no time!

  4. Great December. You are like the little engine that could. With all your new energy, you are going to have one hell of a 2010 - and with all the hard work, you deserve it. Congrats.

  5. There's no stopping you! Awesome. You gonna get on another horse to celebrate?

  6. “Slow down, big fella.”

    Why is this the universal saying when wanting a horse to slow down?!? giggle....

    Keep it up big fella!

  7. I see you riding off into the sunset, Fit Jack :)


  8. Congratulations! You're doing swell. I had a similar experience when I went horseback riding, except my horse decided to try galloping into the street!

    Keep up the good work. You motivate me!

  9. The ones are going to feel so great, Jack. And you've done the work to get there, so just let it happen.

    You've given me many laughs this year, thanks for the joy.

    Have a great holiday.

    Pat Barone
    "America's Weight Loss Catalyst"

  10. What a great analogy Jack. Of course, you will be far better maintained that the horse was. :-)

  11. Hi Jack. I know the real reason you're so elated about this - you just can't wait for that mani-pedi!

    Congrats! And I know you'll be in Onederland pretty soon.

    Bearfriend xx

  12. Rock the Casbah, Jack! I don't know what I mean by that, but it fits for some reason.

  13. Anyone who knows horses or who has ever been on a trail ride knows of what you speak. Those horsies LIVE for the familiar last bend and really do get juiced up for the last lap home. Many times grain, hay, and a cool watery reward included.

    I love the metaphor of this and your personal weight loss journey. Yep, not only is your eating "spot-on," but your comparison of the trail ride and ultimate jog to the finish line. I'm so thrilled for you, Jack.

  14. WHOO HOOOOO! Way to go Jack! Onederland is a WONDERFUL place! I am never leaving- I will meet you at the gate when you get here and show you around if you want? lol

    :) Congrats on the loss this week-AMAZING!

  15. Jack!!! Another loss! You are doing so amazing! You make me cry, you make me laugh, you make me think and you make me resolve to be determined and not give up the fight! Congrats on the loss (and for staying in the saddle lol)!
    Looking forward to hearing about Onederland!

  16. Hello Jack...first time commenter, long time fan of your show!

    I've been a 100 pound loser before and saw the "1s" though I gained back about 50 of those pounds and lost some over the years. I too (starting from 236+ this time) am working towards my 1's again. I'm 20pounds down in the last 4+ weeks.

    Thanks for your continued wit and inspiration.

  17. Thanks for the encouraging story! And congrats, you will be there in no time.

  18. Congratulations for being a consistant loser! Sounds bad but feels so good! and it's so nice to see it happen!

    Enjoy your time off and holidays.

  19. fantastic job, especially this past month! 2010....starting in onederland! How awesome! Now THAT'S something to toast to! :)

  20. Jack, you should be so proud & I know we will see that post VERY soon when the number start with a 1! You done good Jack & obviously an inspiration to many!

  21. Yay Jack! Proud moments indeed! On your way to onederland. What a wonderful destination. I will see you when I get there.

  22. Dude. You are almost under 200. Badass. Seriously. You are doing ridiculously well! I'm so proud! :)

  23. Woooooooooo!! Onederland!!!!!

  24. Congrats Jack!!! I'm so excited for you. You'll be singing that 199 song before you know it *smile*.

  25. Way to go Jack. You aren't just galloping, you are flying sky high.

  26. Great post--and with your great attitude I bet you'll be in Onederland any minute now!

  27. Awesome job!! Keep losing and maybe you'll lose as much as I did - but then you might weigh zero and that probably wouldn't look good on you! :)

    Congratulations and I love you attitude!

  28. I gained this week. I thought to myself 'what would Jack Sh*t do?' Then I looked over your weekly weighins..YOU NEVER GAVE UP.

    Thank you. ~M

  29. superb job my friend, roll on 100lbs (feel free to stop off in Nottingham UK for a Beer and low fat snack when you go round the world

  30. Great post. Congratulations Jack, giddyup!

  31. Just remember, that unlike the horse, it's never really "quittin' time" for you. Always stay vigilant. Always make your health a top priority. You're doing amazing, Jack.

  32. yee haw.
    I used to take people out on trail rides....we would always tell the people to keep the reins tight but they never listened...inevitably somebody would end up in the pine trees.
    The scariest ride I ever took out was a whole group of lawyers.
    We made them all wear helmets lmao.
    great job on the loss.

  33. See you in Onederland! You are a Rockstar.

  34. Really proud of you Jack. You've been a great motivator and tremendous inspiration for me. I'm really looking forward to 2010 also. I think it's going to be a great one. :)

  35. Wow... you're having so much success with weightloss... onederland here you come. I haven't been horsing riding in years.... stopped because I didn't like the way I bounced up and down during a trot...

    I'm impressed with the amount of weight you have lost to date. absolutely wonderful.

  36. Wow, you've been kicking ass and taking names the last few weeks! Glad all your hard work is paying off.

    Have fun in Onederland with your mani-pedi (I'm not sure when you decided not to sacrifice your dog, but I think it's for the best).


  37. Hooray! Way to stay on track during these perilous few weeks(months). I'll be rooting you on. :)



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