Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Signs It’s Go-Time

• There are more than a dozen empty wine bottles and/or used-up whipped cream canisters in the weekly recyclable bin.

• Your sweatpants no longer fit.

• You’re recently reinstituted “Fry-Daddy Friday” at your house.

• You forgot there was such a thing as “calories”.

• You’ve gone back to using marshmallow crème as a condiment.

• Following message pops up on your television: “Congratulations! You’ve watched every movie and TV show in the Netflix library!”

• Before going for a walk, you have to Google how-to instructions.

• When you chance your sheets, you find a half dozen slices of pizza.

• You realize you’ve been using your workout DVDs as coasters.

• You notice that Buffalo Wild Wings has named a menu item after you.

• In your food journal, you find it faster and easier to list foods you didn’t eat rather than ones you did.

• At least three times a week, you have movie theater popcorn for dinner.


  1. I've seen my own sign...the takeout menu and I have become BFF's again!

    We broke up yesterday :) Happy Wed!

  2. What do you mean marshmallow creme isn't a condiment? That stuff is delicious! Maybe that explains why I need to lose weight. That and nutella. ;-)

  3. I get my dairy from whipped cream canisters:)

  4. I had a roommate in college who sectioned her closet into "comfortable" and "uncomfortable." She told me she knew things were bad when her sweatpants moved to the "uncomfortable" section. :)

  5. My own personal reason (sadly): When four different takeout bags are visible when you peer into the garbage can, it just might be go-time.



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