Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Even More of the World’s Worst Workout DVDs

• Gymnastics for Geriatrics

• Ab-ageddon- 100 End-of-the-World Stomach Exercises

Sweaty & Thready, The X-Treme Crocheting Workout

Plank ‘Til You Stank

Do a Chin-Up, Eat a Push-Up

“Sofa, So Good” – The Ultimate Sit-On-The-Couch Workout

Weights on Skates!

Skip Your Way to Better Health* (Note: involves skipping work and going to see personal trainer instead)

Yoga with Yoda

X-ercise to X-ylophone Classics!

The Invisible Man’s Out-of-Sight Exercise Plan

Swing & Sway While You Make a Soufflé!

Conjugal Abdominals

Go Cat Go! – The Kittenbell Workout

Dumbbells for Dumbasses


  1. Those conjugal abs some interesting to me! ;)

  2. I do dumbbells for dumbasses 3x a week.

  3. I have several of these... must add the rest to my collection!

  4. Once you try these will you do a product review - with video? Please?



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