Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pardon My French…

Pardon my French, but “C'est…” ummmmm… what’s French for “bullshit”?

I just wrapped up a week where my diet was spot-on and my exercise was freaky and frequent. Isn’t that supposed to be the recipe for success on the scale? Did I miss a memo that the rules had changed.

It frosts my shorts when I do all the right things and see negative results.





But I look back over my history with the scale (and thank you blog-diggity blog for providing me with a record of my history with the scale) and see patterns emerge.

When I was really in a groove, I’d see a couple of weeks of good numbers, then an inexplicable, can’t-be-explained hiccup. Behavior didn’t seem to drive it; it was as if my body were reinforcing the line, trying to check the progress of my hard-driving mojo.

In the end, I trusted in what I was doing and the numbers started going down again.

That’s my plan this go-round.

Stay on course and trust.

Keep on keeping on.

Or as the French say, “Continuez à continuer.”

Last week: 241 lbs.
Loss: +.8


  1. That's it, Jack! Don't believe that lyin' b!tch! You must be building your muscle! ;)

  2. "Frosts my shorts", One of the best I've heard in a long time, that one got me man!

  3. I had never called it that, but indeed my pants get frosty those weeks.

    Keep on keeping on, you know it'll come right ^_^

  4. I have found the same pattern ...larger loss one change...small gain...larger loss...

    No matter what its not the scale its a body message to keep us guessing and holding steady!

    Just keep up the good work.

  5. Hey Jack you must be building up some muscle! Or at least that's what people told me when it happened to me :P

    I keep having issues with it though...

    Have a good one!


  6. all i know is those are some purty great scale numbers....

  7. You know the fat cells release fatty acids and replace the fatty acids with heavied h20. As soon as the htp axis decides you really arent going to replace the fat cell with its lost energy , then it releases the h20 and shrinks the integrity of the cell. Often fat lose cant be measured by weight alone. Brad Pilon did some excellent research on the cytology of fatty acid release. You're doing great J!

  8. To answer your critical question: French for bullsh*t is merde du bulle. Yes, I made that up. Go forth and use.

  9. You've been doing great getting that scale to move down lately. It's true we all have those weeks we do right and the scale pisses us off. I'm sure if you keep the course next week will reward your efforts :)

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