Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Health Tips for Healthy Peeps

• It’s a good idea to eat less than 125% of your meal.

• When you get something stuck in your eye, resist the urge to get it out with a power washer.

• The easiest way to keep from suffering menstrual cramps is to be a man.

• Putting one-third cup of half-and-half in your morning coffee instead of an entire cup of half-and-half will save you over 200 calories.

• Use the time spent in the car to develop strong gluteus maximus muscles by steering with your butt cheeks.

• If you’d like a snack packed with fiber and water, try either an apple or a bag of fiber-water.

• You can easily transform a chair into an elliptical by going to Hogwart’s School of Magic and studying Transfiguration.

• You can save a considerable amount of calories by blotting your pizza slice with a napkin and then eating the napkin instead of the pizza.

• Whipped butter cuts 50% of the calories of regular stick butter, and imaginary butter cuts 100% of the calories of whipped butter.

• Taking the stairs for a total of just two minutes, five days a week, 52 weeks a year, for 50 years, gives you the same calorie-burning results as a 364,000-minute walk.


  1. Gonna have to try that driving technique.

  2. I can't stand a man who acts like they're on they're period. I'm more manly than they are. I have the facial hair to prove it.

  3. I recommend the transfiguration. That's how I transformed my lead butt into gold!

  4. I did that napkin thing just the other day...little difference really.

  5. I like the blotting the pizza with a napkin thing too. I'm gonna give that one a try.

  6. you're blog is freaking funny. the pizza thing I liked to. Wash it down with water!

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