Monday, October 8, 2012

Dear Game of Thrones Guy

I’m not a dude that normally writes to authors.

For instance, I never sent a letter to Stephen King asking him to pay for my dry cleaning after I whizzed in my pants reading The Shining.

And I never contacted the Harry Potter lady to hurryhurryhurry and finish her next book (mostly because I dreaded those midnight book release shindigs at the local bookstores).

But now…

Now I have to write because I read A Game of Thrones, and it was really good except nobody told me there was another book that continued the story.

And another after that.

And another.

And so on.

And so forth.

Until I wrapped up the last chapter of the last book and went to find the next one and discovered that IT HASN’T BEEN WRITTEN YET.

Then I read somewhere that you had met with the producers to go over what happens to the characters in case you die before you finish the books.

Then I saw a picture of you...

There was a time when I was feeling pretty down and out. I was at my heaviest weight and I was in a good bit of pain every morning when I woke up. I thought it was one of the natural signs of growing older.

Turns out there was nothing natural about it. I was just eating too much and doing too little. It caught up with me. Hell, it caught up with me, ran me over and left me for dead.

But I got back up. I made some pretty substantial changes in my life. Like you, I spend way too much time behind a computer keyboard, but I’m here to tell you that’s not a deal-breaker when it comes to getting healthier.

Commit to an hour or so of exercise each day. Clean up your diet and start enjoying the benefits of healthier meals and snacks.

And believe me, when the weight starts coming off, the world seems to be a much better place.

There are millions of fans that want you to stick around and see your Game of Thrones story through, but don’t do it for them.

Do it for yourself.

Ummm… and for me.

Your pal,



  1. How did that guy get so big with such a tiny fork? And don't tell me size does not matter!

  2. This is awesome! Funny yet serious too. I hope he reads it!

  3. He looks like an old sailor. LOL

  4. I love this!! And yeah, word.

  5. ZOMG, I am hardly coping with slowing my reading of GoT right down anyway, now you've made me think about the possibility of George popping his clogs before he finishes. Egads, I cannot cope. (Indeed it would be a sad loss of life regardless, but loss of the rest of the series... oh noes.)

  6. Actually, adding more fibers to his diet would probably send him to "the throne" so much more that THAT would slow down the next book...



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