Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Debate

Moderator: This is the first debate between Jack Sh*t, representing the forces of good health and getting more fit and his arch-nemesis Bad Wayne, representing… well… the opposing viewpoint. By virtue of a coin toss, the first question goes to Bad Wayne.

Bad Wayne: Bring it!

Moderator: You've been quoted as saying that the best thing to put on top of melted cheese is...

Bad Wayne: Ding, ding! More melted cheese.

Moderator: Ummmm... Yes, that's correct. Now...

Bad Wayne: Booyah! One point for me! In your face, Jack!

Moderator: No, my question is do you feel like that's an irresponsible message to be delivering on what purports to be a weight loss blog?

Bad Wayne: Porpoise?

Moderator: Excuse me?

Jack: He said "purports", dumbass.

Bad Wayne: My opponent thinks it’s okay to talk down to others and call them by hurtful names. His bad attitude and hurtful language are what's wrong with America right now. If Bad Wayne is elected to take over writing this blog, I promise there will be a more civil tone and a new direction for the people, by the people and... ummm... something else about the people, so help me God.

Jack: Just kill me.




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