Sunday, January 15, 2012

Who Can Hit the Softest?

Weekly weigh-in: 250.2
Loss: --
Total loss: -41.3
Emotion: No change

I actually fell for this when I was in grade school.

A buddy challenged me to a “Who can hit the softest” contest.

I’m up first.

I brush his arm with the wispiest of touches.

In return, he knuckles up and punches my bicep with everything he has.

“You win,” he smiles and strikes off, looking for his next victim.

I was in the gym every day this week (and twice on Friday), but didn’t get it done on the food front.

I threw the lightest of blows, and the scale (as usual) didn’t pull any punches.

I really need to start hitting this harder.


  1. Haha, i'm going to try the "who can hit the softest" game.

    My mum won't expect a thing! mwhahaha

  2. Great job on the workouts. The scale will start moving. You know diet is 80-90% of it and you'll get there. Appreciate how honest you are about the struggle. Wishing you much success.

  3. Not harder but smarter..jack...just smarter...

  4. im in the same boat :/ Time to kick it up a notch! Im going to be reading your blog next week for inspiritation because your going to show me it can be done!

  5. I'll have to try that game with my siblings.

  6. "I threw the lightest of blows, and the scale (as usual) didn’t pull any punches.
    I really need to start hitting this harder."

    this is me of late.
    *raises fists* lets get cracking Jack

  7. Good thing you worked it out all could have been worse. Onward and downward.

  8. I used to play, who could race around the house the fastest. Kids are so weird. Keep it up! My motto is an hour of exercise is the same as not eating that muffin.

  9. Gym? I went to school with a kid named Gym - or was it Jim? Anyway - hate the gym, but love my little pedometer. At least 10,000 steps per day and watching what I eat works for me.

  10. Try to do also long walks or joggings ouside. You will get some fresh air and time will fly faster. It might became frustrating to train all the time inside.

  11. Food is such a big part of this. Yes, you need the food & exercise but you just can't out train overeating - that is the hard fact that everyone must deal with. You can do this Jack, ya just got to be more consistent with the food... Go for it!

  12. Diet and exercise...good luck!



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