Sunday, January 8, 2012

Suffering from “Cramnesia”

Weekly weigh-in: 250.2
Loss: +.7
Total loss: -41.3
Emotion: Don’t remember

Apparently, I have come down with a mysterious ailment.

It seems that whenever I cram food in my piehole, I somehow forget about the whole concept that there is some sort o relationship between calories consumed and weight loss.

This “cramnesia” strikes at inopportune times, derailing my best efforts at making progress on the scale. I can spend an hour pumping out sweat in the gym, then absent-mindedly overdo it on the eating front.

The most frustrating thing is not that my doctor won’t prescribe something for my  “cramnesia” but refuses to acknowledge that it is even a medical condition. That’s the last time I search for a doctor on craigslist!

So anyway, if anyone has heard of a reliable treatment for “cramnesia”, please pass it along.


  1. Yes...this is related to a severe will deficiency. Will can be supplemented; however, from various character-based sources including courage, determination, and perseverance. Take at least 100g of all three per day and you'll cure will deficiency which will subsequently eliminate the cramnesia you are experiencing.

  2. I get cramnesia too...well mostly when there is booze involved. lol It happens, move on. Go Jack GO! :)

  3. Dear Friend,

    If your goal is to lose fat as fast as humanly possible, it should be no surprise that you absolutely MUST learn to maximize the amount of time your body is actually burning fat. After all, if your body is actively burning fat for 10 hours each day, you'd get much faster results than if it were only burning fat for five.

    But what if you could literally burn fat twenty four hours a day…every day?

    Do you realize how much faster you'd progress? How much more quickly the fat would melt away? How much more rapidly you'd have the body you want?

  4. You should think about organizing an over-the-top effort to help "fight for a cure" for this dreaded disease of Cramnesia.

    The grand finale could be a 5k. Everyone who completed the race would get their own "Chucking Out Cramnesia" t-shirt and shin splints.

  5. I used to have a big problem with cramnesia. Being at home all day with kids it is easy to graze. I've gone old school and eat three meals a day only (spaced 4-5 hours apart). Zero snacking. It's what my grandfather naturally does. He's 91, thin, and doesn't know the calorie count of anything.

  6. Sadly (thankfully?), I get my worst cases of Cramnesia when Mexican food is involved. The only known cure I know is to just not get out of bed in the morning. Sleeping is the cure for everything, right? Right.

  7. Well, in my experience episodes of 'cramnesia' occur for a reason. Well, not the 'nesia'- but the 'cram'-part.
    So, my analysis is the following - you stuff (numb, distract, cope, etc) yourself with food to handle unwanted emotions. Then the 'nesia' kicks in, as a self-defense-mechanism of your brain to avoid more bad feelings of guilt and such.
    That's my pattern anyways. Who knows whether that applies to you.
    What helps is figuring out what triggered the (over-)eating in the first place, and find a better strategy for next time...?
    Nice neologism by the way :-)

  8. STOP! Think before you cram.... If I am headed for food that I know is not "treat time", I always always tell myself - 10 to 15 minutes to think about it before I cram it in. 99% of the time I don't - the other 1%, I own it. Jack, working out does not allow us to eat anything we want! ;-)

    Need me to start emailing you every day??? ;-)



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